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The Northern Territory news Thu 1 Nov 2018

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THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1 2018 OPINION 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Do you come into the CBD in your free time? YES Just to kill time, to go shopping or spend time with friends. ANASTASIA STRAMARE, LARRAKEYAH YES Weve just been to a restaurant down on the waterfront. ALAN WHEELER, DARWIN YES All the time, for food or to have a drink or go to Browns Mart. CARO MACDONALD, LARRAKEYAH NO Not really but I came in for lunch today. REBECCA PARKER, JINGILI NO I just stay at home or probably go into Casuarina. SHARON CULLIGAN, NIGHTCLIFF SPEAK UP The Cavenagh St shade structure is nearing completion. Soon vines will grow over the structure to provide shade from the Top End heat Picture: KERI MEGELUS Super snaps development crew will b on ratepayer funded overseas trips, too! Dear Jenny. The problem with not consuming meat is that demand for meat animals will end. Consequently they will not be born because farmers will not farm when there is no demand. Is a truncated life better than no life. I tend to think it is. Just a few more weeks to go and Darwin will qualify as the site for a new disaster movie Death of a City. Unless there is a change of fortune. BP of Gray What self-appointed business will our mayor have gallivanting around China at ratepayer expense? & the indications r, that's just the start others from the new DCC exec Britain cut 20,000 police, and 30,000 soldiers during the age of austerity they didnt go and recruit more of them. Debt levels rising, people leaving, businesses closing down left, right and centre, and all we get is critical service delivery areas yes taxpayer funded jobs that generate no real revenue or industries for the NT. I wonder what the ratio of frontline staff is in NTG compared to Singapore and Hong Kong? We dont want to become another Greece or Britain down the track right? Matt I am so over politics. I admire where the public service placements have been made, required there without doubt. Regardless of this it will be thrown in your face as you threw it in the face of the last government. Do you understand that we, as the voting public have had enough? The current economic position is shocking. The take from Peter to pay Paul policies as outlined in the 2 media releases today really dont add up. I will leave that to people to read as its really hard going. Whatever we expend we have to repay, no different from having a credit card, except we cop it back twofold in taxes in some form. Enough. This is exhausting. I watch businesses close, long term businesses and dedicated Territorians who have lost contracts that employ LOCAL people, hundreds actually. Just STOP. You are unintentionally but ignorantly killing everyones love and passion for the NT. Vanessa Private recruitment firms are having a bonanza in recruiting people into NT Government Departments. These employees do not show up in the official 21,273 figures and exist because the deadwood (who were hired on their skills and qualifications) simply cant do the work. The Gee Typical Labor fiscal mismanagement! Chris txt the editor ON MANY THINGS With the ears of many people now beginning to ring tinnitus-like from the increasing trumpet blasts of biblical prophecy fulfilling, I can imagine that even some of the most zealously devout of atheists might now be wrestling in a battle of conscience against their very own reciprocally quickening doubts. NT GVT HIRED ABOUT 300 MORE PUBLIC SERVANTS Critical service delivery areas we have done a lot of work to grow the public sector because these are key service delivery areas that need to grow to service the Territory How so? Population growth is relatively is stagnate why then more teachers, police auxiliaries for a stagnate population? Oh you mean an international school to attract more international students and tourists to Darwin then? By golly, theres an idea! If that was true, then all we would have to do is hire more and more and more nurses, police auxiliaries etc (regardless of population) and the NT would be an economic success story! Why doesnt NTG start generating more new industries (not just prawn farms, space ports, infrastructure funds etc). Otherwise we risk being the most over-serviced state/territory government with more front line workers in critical service delivery areas etc. world wide web news@ntnews.com.au Choose the coolest path EVERY day I read the NT News letters section and see the despair of Territorians with suggestions of reviving the city. Why has the government spent money on building the shade structure in Cavenagh Street when the Mall is where the most shops/cafes are. I have visited Singapore on many occasions and although their weather is less humid they have lots of trees in open spaces and there is a covered structure in the hip Bugis area similar to the structure in Cavenagh Street which is enclosed and airconditioned encouraging pop up stalls and cafes in the middle. Darwin is a very hot and humid place and needs to be cooled either by powerful fans or by airconditioning. People go to shopping complexes to get relief from the heat but CBD offers none. The Mall area should then be shut after 6pm. The place should be hosed down and cleaned in the morning (as is done at the Nightcliff shops which looks so clean and tidy) and itinerants moved on before the customers appear. I hope the Mayor will give my suggestion a thought as I believe it does have merit. Karen Wee, Nightcliff LETTER OF THE DAY genous communities waterways, they will all have to move into town to live!! Lost Hope Seems like the shade structure will benefit the law courts and the Cav. Most people consider the centre of Darwin to be Smith and Knuckey St lights. Mona ldmla Poor Davey Warner ... Workers in Darwin wanting more wages with their March last week , should think of others, too. They have a job and should be grateful. 20 months ago, pensioners and carers had their pensions cut by 50 per cent. How are they expected to live on that ? Bill Paralowie Dont worry about the CBD being vacant. Once the fracking starts and poisons the indi 0428 NTNEWS