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Year in review 2016-2017, Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association



Year in review 2016-2017, Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association


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Avago, Hidden Valley, Kalala and Gorrie for always stepping up at home when needed. I thank the Associations staff. Traceys work ethic and hours, total dedication to the people of our industry and community, and honesty and professionalism of her work with government, customers and media is simply outstanding. It is a lead willingly and similarly followed by our staff and we thank them for it as we thank Tracey and her family support team. Our CEO has taken this to ridiculous extremes however, collecting any number of gongs, culminating in the prestigious NT News Most Powerful Person in the NT Award. Planning for Prosperity Prosperity infers not only some sort of more permanent profitability, but also a measure of quality of life and comfort. Over the last year we have had that very rare confluence of good prices and good seasons. It certainly sets us up for a prosperous future, at the enterprise level at least, if it can be maintained. At the industry and community level however the year has been marked by numerous attacks on our prosperity; by uninformed decisions made in the southern smoke without consultation; or a noisy mob and immigration of cross people testing the resolve of our Association and membership; or trading partners decisions that challenge our share in the provision of food for their population. Our greatest risk however is allowing these external distractions to cloud the attack on the productivity and sustainability of our land and people. In potentially the best opening paragraph to a novel ever, Charles Dickens wrote of the French revolution, its mob rule and outof-touch aristocracy, remarkably prescient to modern times: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. it was the era of the gilded meritocracy, it was the moment of the deplorables... (OK, I added that one) Apparently Dickens used to write after a trip to Dan Murphys, before Dan was transported to Australia for having too big a bottle shop. So, apart from Islamic State, the thugs of today assassinate peoples characters and ideas on twitter and facebook or through the Human Rights Commission. Our governments and bureaucrats make policy and decisions that make Louis xVI appear as grounded as Sir Les Paterson or Daryl Kerrigan. Dickens Tale of two Cities becomes our Tale of the Lot-Fed Cities and the Free-Range Bush. So, in the best hybridisation of a modern day Dickens and a Presidential Address... But lets talk about cows. Much time is taken up talking about the issues that stop us talking with and working with our cattle, the pastures they graze on, and the rain, water, sunlight and soil that provide us with our greatest natural Over the last year we have had that very rare confluence of good prices and good seasons. It certainly sets us up for a prosperous future, at the enterprise level at least, if it can be maintained. comparative advantage in the breeding beef cattle in the NT. Comparative advantage is the foundation stone of free trade - it must be protected and enhanced. This past year I have been part of a group charged with delivering the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, which aims to objectively describe our credibility across the four pillars of sustainability - an absolute requirement for prosperity. The aim was to achieve such a thing without requiring more bookwork at the station level, instead by utilising some of the industry systems and monitoring that we have paid for over the years. I have always been impressed by the ability of old bushmen, black and white, to get to the nub of the issue with few words, and thought I would try to get my tuppence in early. Sustainability is simply about Cattle, Country, Kids and Cash I said. What about the Customer, said the Guru of Marketing from Whale Beach, in an email with a message attributed to Confucius at the bottom. All of human existence relies on the top 6 inches of soil and the fact it rains. Good I thought meeting one and weve nailed it. Then the professionals got involved and consultation started. Globally, the sustainability industry is second only to the climate change and health bureaucracies (which actually makes it third) so we spent 12 months looking NTCA YEAR IN REVIEW 2016/17 5