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The Northern Territory news Wed 22 Aug 2018

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34 OPINION WEDNESDAY AUGUST 22 2018 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 1 YEAR AGO: AT least seven people were in hospital after consuming the deadly cannabinoid drug synthetic marijuana in Darwin. Four people were taken to RDH via ambulance from the Bagot Community and a fifth was transported from Alawa. 5 YEARS AGO: RANGERS revealed a plan to use tranquillising guns to shoot dingoes and wild dogs that had been roaming the northern suburbs. A Darwin council spokesman said they had received about two calls a week for the previous three months from residents. 10 YEARS AGO: TWO teenagers charged with bashing a 60-year-old architect in a drunken gang attack were found not guilty. Darwin magistrate Dick Wallace said police prosecutors had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the teens committed the attack. ...and another thing THE results are in and about half of the 830 NT News readers surveyed said they liked the NT Governments masterbrand. While it hasnt been overwhelmingly received, the Territory needs a new look, a new way to present itself to the rest of the country and internationally. Whether you liked it or not, the campaign is about changing perceptions and will have a long-term effect on how people view the Territory. We already know what makes the NT a great place to live. Its time everybody found out what why we love it so much. Letters to the editor should be kept to 250 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. Preference will be given to letters that give the writers full name and suburb and are kept to under 300 words. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News, GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 Got something to say? Letters Trust us, the Territorys decision makers - and about 50,000 others - read your letters to the editor every day. Make your opinion count. More must be done on fuel FUEL in the Territory is beyond expensive. While the cost of fuel is affected by many factors, such as international prices and the cost of transporting the product, the recent report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found that prices in Darwin were above a competitive market price. It goes to show that we need to shop around and put the pressure on retailers who refuse to budge their prices. The NT and those that choose to live here are adventurous and driving a car goes hand-in-hand with seeing the outback. With steep prices it means we are having to cut back on those weekend trips away. The MyFuel NT scheme had been billed as a way to reduce prices and promote competitiveness, however it has fallen flat. Just before the site went live, the cost of fuel jumped about 11 per litre to around 140 per litre. Yesterday the cheapest unleaded fuel was at FuelXpress at 147 per litre but the citywide average was 154.5 per litre. The scheme clearly hasnt worked as prices havent dropped. It hasnt promoted competition either with the only service station to consistently offer cheaper prices being FuelXpress. People do need to shop around to push retailers into dropping prices, however the government also has a role to keep retailers accountable and the MyFuel NT initiative just doesnt seem to be cutting it. EDITORIAL Email: news@ntnews.com.au I Text: 0428 NTNEWS I Fax: (08) 8981 6045 I Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 THE PEOPLES VOICE IN THE TERRITORY Focus on people HOW can we claim that people thinking it is too hot during the build-up is a perception when it is actually a reality? How can we say that the population is not male-dominated when there are more men than women. How can we claim that our croc population is not out of control? It is not perception, cyclones are going to happen. It is not a perception that the minority rules the Territory. Why doesnt this government just rename the Territory lah-lah land? It is reality too that the Territory, even though it is in record debt, has just wasted $1.5 million and will continue to waste money every year trying to convince people that reality is perception. If the NT Government wants to attract people to the Territory, then provide free electricity to power their aircons, free rego and fuel for their cars, even a free tojo for everyone, unlimited fishing, cheap grog and get rid of the idiot politicians we have, dont you think? The perception is if we did not waste the money on these politicians and their public servants, we could provide all of the free things mentioned above for free and even pro vide free education, free health care, free dental, no crime, no unconstitutional taxes and no poverty! The reality is either you love the Territory or hate it, its unique. Endless wasted advertising money is not going to alter that fact. The Northern Territory gets into your skin as part of you, yes I am a proud Territorian and came without having to be bought. Donna Mahony, Dundee Downs Boundlessly lost AWKWARD Malaysian company also called Boundless Possible Sdn. Bhd? All foreigners able to regis ter their company in Malaysia will end in Sdn. Bhd, means private limited in Malay. Mr Siwka said the slogan was own-able, distinctive and memorable. International launch could be interesting and deliberately jarring. Rose Jubber, Anula Equal coverage THE federal Liberal Party yesterday morning (21/8/18) had a leadership challenge which was won by the Prime Minister with a vote of 48 to 35. All morning ABC radio was spruiking this as a narrow win for Malcolm Turnbull. Had this been a Labor Party challenge with the exact same result for the Opposition Lead er, would the ABC be calling it a great win for Bill Shorten? Bob Auld, Lee Point Drinking problem SHAME on Robyn Lambleys recent comments on ABC radio that only 1 per cent of the NT population are problem drinkers. That same day the NT News published research showing about 30 per cent of Territorians drink too much. Robyns claim mirrors the oft-heard whinge about alcohol restrictions impacting on the majority when only a minority are the problem. She should do her homework and stop peddling misinformation. Pat Dry, Darwin