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The Northern Territory news Wed 22 Aug 2018



The Northern Territory news Wed 22 Aug 2018

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WEDNESDAY AUGUST 22 2018 OPINION 35 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Do you like the slogan Boundless Possible? NO Its terrible, not memorable at all. CU in the NT is must catchier MARINA CLEANTHOUS, NIGHTCLIFF, NO Its not catchy enough to be memorable DARREN ROLFE, DARWIN CITY NO It just doesnt have a ring to it. Its a bit crap MICHELLE ROLFE, DARWIN CITY YES Im not immediately won over but it makes you stop to think about it NATHAN LEWIS, ALAWA YES As a visitor, it describes the way I think of the NT, there are no limits BRIAN KEARNEY, DARWIN CITY SPEAK UP Wu Na plays the guqin, alongside Gao Ping on piano for the performance Gao Shan Liu Shui during the Darwin Festival at the Darwin Entertainment Centre Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI Super snaps the ones that tell everyone what is really like. Like a friend from another state said to me, everyone thinks we are a badly run basket case. Boundless Possible? Or Bounding Possums? Caption is so silly it isNT much fun. I have over 30 employees, but unless nt crime rates are corrected Im prepared to then please, dont bother. If people dont come here under their own steam, I dont want to subsidise them with further debt. S. pit How about instead of making fancy videos you spend that money reviewing the public service. The Territory has a terrible reputation with our colleagues from other states and at federal level they are abandoned it as they seemed to be deliberately steering responses to what they wanted to hear, not what people actually thought of it. Phil This does not make sense, spending well over million dollars upwards, would be far better spent on trying to better the Territory as a whole, like getting crime under control and the economy on the right track in order to encourage young people to come here. Until these two things are improved people will not come, especially young, upcoming entrepreneurs. Annette The tag line makes absolutely no sense. A semicolon after Territory and a comma after Boundless might make sense and not as though it was dreamt up by a kindergarten child. The Territory is a fantastic place and deserves much better. Robert Another Pie in the Sky scheme dreamt up by a Southern Company (Victorian cre ative company) The people in Government have no idea of the problems in the Northern Territory at the moment; unfortunately I am not sure about the other mob if they got in? Ray GVT: SOUTHERN MEDIA DAMAGING NTS IMAGE Its going to take a hell of a lot more than getting migrants to relocate here. Relocate to what? Cost of living, crap infrastructure, an untouchable portion of society, not a hope. As much as there is a lot of space here, you cant do anything with it. Those that cleaned up in the property boom have cashed in and gone. Whether you like it or not, the NT was all about being a hillbilly and different, dont try and change it to some new age Southern crap. Darren This article sounds a bit like Trumps constant ravings about Fake News but as usual, where theres smoke, theres fire. Ian txt the editor ON THE NEW MASTERBRAND The Gunna govt needs a new brand, how about clueless morons . AL B springs Dear Mr Gunner, if the people you wish to attract to the NT are going to be paid more than the people who already reside here, or, are to be subsidised by the Feds or YOUR Gov, as welfare recipients, OPINION DIVIDED ON THE NTS NEW MASTERBRAND The video is not too bad but what a pathetic slogan that makes absolutely no sense. The government needs to do something to keep people here once they get here. The Territory has always had a transient population and always will. The government needs some policies to encourage a larger percentage of the transient population to stay and not be driven away by crime, itinerants and ridiculous rules and policies they put in place that inconvenience everyone for the sake of a few. The Territory has never had a problem with people coming here but getting them to stay has always been an issue. Mick Recently I received an email for a questionnaire that was about this subject and asked about these terms, and others. I got part way through the survey and one question stumped me as my answer choice wasnt there and no choice to write a more appropriate answer. I world wide web news@ntnews.com.au ters isNT possible! Also same photos depicting water frolicking bit boring. ON THE FEDERAL ELECTION A federal election is not far away. Please do not send me any automated messages. I dont like receiving automated messages and Ill definitely vote against you if you send me any. Your choice. Thank you. Voter leave the NT. Will be a sad day but will happen. My heart is blackened but thats the way I feel. Sorry NT.! Boundless Possibles? If u start up a new business in the Territory its quite possible ull b broken into (& several times.) Boundless Possible? Pic of person floating along NT wa 0428 NTNEWS Trees are the best shade WHY is Darwin Council spending thousands on planning and building steel shade structures when they could just be planting trees? What has happened to Darwin a green tropical liveable city? I always thought tropical meant greenery and trees, not ugly steel infrastructure. Anthony Van Zeeventer, Jingili LETTER OF THE DAY