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Katherine Times Wed 9 Mar 2016



Katherine Times Wed 9 Mar 2016


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PUZZLES WednesdayMarch 09, 2016 KATHERINETIMES 19katherinetimes.com.au PUZZLERPUZZLER 2. Enclosed (6) 3. Destroy (11) 4. Treating with condescension (11) 5. Hard part of bread (5) 6. Smell strongly (4) 10. Atelier (6) 11. Tally (5) 12. Coffin stand (4) 1. To pass a little urine in the street is hardly in good taste (5) 6. University employee is obviously literate (6) 7. Wild fruits found by burlier bees, perhaps? (11) 8. The lady is made unwell (4) 9. Its an obligation to use your nous (4) 13. Aesthete takes a crash course in sin! (11) 14. In desperation resort to using the timetable (6) 15. Can oil go off in a cold house (5) CRYPTIC CLUES EASY CLUES ACROSS DOWN 2. Retrospective legislation, guided and enclosed! (6) 3. Get rid of the next tree, aim more carefully (11) 4. I perform an aria after the boss, being a very regular client you see (11) 5. For which the baker makes bread when speaking of his livelihood (5) 6. A bad smell in shady creek (4) 10. Would this new suit do for such a creative work place (6) 11. The whole piece of music may gain a point (5) 12. Can the coffin stand the sound of ale? (4) 1. Sugary (5) 6. University teacher (6) 7. Bush fruit (plural) (11) 8. Female title (4) 9. Burden (4) 13. Expert in taste (11) 14. Workers schedule (6) 15. Inuit domicile (5) ACROSS DOWN ACROSS:1.Sweet,6.Reader,7.Blueberries,8.Dame,9.Onus, 13.Connoisseur,14.Roster,15.Igloo DOWN:2.Walled,3.Exterminate,4.Patronising,5.Crust,6.Reek, 10.Studio,11.Score,12.Bier TODAYS ANSWERS BELOW: COMBO 2679 COMBO CROSSWORD R E R T R E F U I Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in s. Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary. ferretferritefirefree freerfretfritfruitfruiter FRUITERERfurrierreef referrefitreftrefuterete retireriferiftriteterrier tiertiretreetriertrue truerturfureteruteri TODAYS TARGET GOOD: 13 VERY GOOD: 17 EXCELLENT: 21 GENIUS: 25 1. What is the most common gas in the Earths atmosphere? 2. Which Australian opera singer was nicknamed La Stupenda by her Italian fans? 3. What term is given to a piece of rock or metal from space that reaches the surface of the Earth? 4. Who did Gough Whitlam succeed as leader of the Labor Party in 1967? 5. Which singer released an album in 1985 called Graceland? 1.Nitrogen;2.JoanSutherland;3. Meteorite;4.ArthurCalwell;5.Paul Simon Simple rules, challenging puzzle All the numbers from 1 to 9 must be used once only in each 3x3 square, in each row (horizontal) and each column (vertical).