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The Northern Territory news Fri 22 Jun 2018

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26 PUZZLES FRIDAY JUNE 22 2018 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Quick crossword No. 6048 11575 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 1 Fame, due to success 7 Part of speech 8 Control 10 Biblical garden 11 A horse 13 Ancestry 16 Choice piece 18 Agitate 20 Hamper 21 A member of the British Conservative Party 22 Arrange DOWN 2 Swoop down upon 3 Observed 4 Thought-provoking 5 Cope with 6 Revolve 8 Leave 9 Lie down 12 Make certain 14 Rudimentary organism 15 Memorandum 17 Metallic element, symbol Fe 18 Gyrate 19 March 15th CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 Influence distinction 7 One of the major linguistic for classes back on mid-June 8 Manage to be straightforward 10 On the NSW south coast was a biblical garden 11 Resembling a horse in the quinella 13 Preceding circumstances of those who came before 16 A pleasing scrap of a tasty morsel 18 Turn things around in prison 20 Obstruct some slim pedestrians 21 Late history of a British Conservative 22 To put together a keyboard instrument is easy at first DOWN 2 Break in some extra ideas 3 Spotted a landscape by the sound of it 4 Holding the attention of payment for money borrowed in Greenlands capital 5 Withstand a little unseen duress 6 Rotate an act 8 Rude partners shortly go away 9 Hereafter a holy person may take it easy 12 Ere sun elements guarantee 14 An unborn child by Rome, for a change 15 A brief record back on the last minute 17 Press metal 18 The bookie is at the crease to pirouette 19 Dies around a particular March date ACROSS 1 Raised platform 6 Jurisprudence 7 Thickness 10 Angry 12 Send out 13 Fastener 15 Expensive 16 Colour 18 Distress signal 20 Ribbon 22 Assail 23 Unharmed 25 Combine 27 Light beer 28 Sister 29 Large antelope DOWN 1 Moves easily 2 Sailor (coll) 3 Presentations 4 Lift 5 Precious stone 8 Still 9 Prevalent 11 Neckwear 14 Effacement 16 Part of the eyeball 17 Protect 19 Gem 21 Female swan 22 Seek charity 24 Devoted follower 26 Large cask 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 B I S O N D E M U R U T O R E A I C R I M E P I L E D K P L O F G S P U N A S T U T E L S E N S T A T U S S C U M H T M S T I A X I O M C H I L D R O E M U O G D O N O R D A N C E M I R E G E M S B N U L L P O P I M A G E E R A A N V A L E T S E E S A W A L T A T T L E A M B E R R V A T E D R A K E D E N F E U D N O D D S D E E D To solve this puzzle, each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Puzzles by Pappocom Yesterdays Sudoku SolutionPrevious Quick Solution Previous Combo Solution Sudoku Medium June 22, 2018 combo crossword No. su do ku how to Play 6048 horoscoPEs The solstice doesnt just mark the turning point of the suns journey across our skies; the effects are borne out in our lives, too. This weekend, our brightest star works with Uranus to create the change required to drive progress forward. Then, Mercurys opposition with Pluto will help us to recognise the potential for transformation. In times like these, its easy to feel as if life is out of control. But, with focus and courage, theres nothing on the horizon that doesnt have a hidden advantage just waiting to be discovered. Even when you feel stuck in a situation, you can transform it. Although the method might not be obvious, theres always a way to make progress. This process can be rather effectively illustrated by something you learned at school. Do you remember how tangents start very close to each other yet, as they continue, they end up billions of miles apart? A tiny difference in direction becomes a huge gap. Its the same with the choices youre currently making. Theyll make a big difference to your life. A great week is about to begin! Call 1902 222 500. ARIES MAR 21APR 20 The media, through its various different platforms, is keen to give us examples of how we can improve our lives. Before-and-after scenarios, demonstrating how people alter following a makeover of some kind or other, attract us because we love the concept of transformation. It seems such a rare thing in our own lives. Yet, this isnt because we dont change; its because we dont notice. Change is usually incremental. This weekends link from the sun to Uranus brings a chance to metamorphose. You can alter what you want and make it work for you. Call 1902 222 500. GEMINI MAY 22JUN 22 Being on the back of a tandem is a strange feeling. When I had the chance to ride one recently, I found it most odd. I could pedal and produce more energy so that we could whizz along, but, even though I had a set of handlebars, I couldnt affect the steering. I had to let my friend on the front seat control where we went. Luckily, we agreed to change positions halfway through the ride. A similar compromise might be necessary for you this weekend. If you want to progress, you need to establish trust. Theres great news if you are looking for inspiration. Call 1902 222 500. SCORPIO OCT 24NOV 22 Dont Worry, Be Happy is one of my favourite cheerme-up songs. Although its not a traditional solstice tune its not one of those ancient folk tunes thats been passed through druidic bloodlines its message is very appropriate. Its time to put any upsetting thoughts away. Give yourself the weekend off. In a few days time, your life circumstances will have altered. So will you. Youre on the brink of making a discovery that will change your approach to the way you live. Go on! You deserve some joy. There is excitement in the stars for you this coming week. Call 1902 222 500. TAURUS APR 21 MAY 21 Just as bread takes time to prove, and acorns take years to turn into oaks, so we must allow time for matters of the heart to adapt and change. It will take a while for a recent positive development to manifest tangible results. But, if you find the confidence to trust in the process, like a baker waiting for bread to rise, or a gardener watering their seedlings, youll find that the time spent waiting can be relaxing even enjoyable. The speed of transformation will increase soon enough. Find inspiration to make the changes you need in your life. Call 1902 222 500. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 The weekend brings the chance to ring in some changes. There are rules that need rewriting and arrangements that can be reinvigorated. Although youre feeling comfortable about the way your life is proceeding, youve adapted to a situation so well that youve been able to ignore a dull and consistent sensation that brings discomfort. Just because its easy to carry on in the same old routine doesnt mean that you should. Its time to set sail in a new direction towards an island of opportunity. If you are looking to make some positive changes, call 1902 222 500. SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 If we dont really understand ourselves, how can we expect to know what makes anyone else tick? If youre not sure about the factors motivating your own interests, how can you be confident about those of the people youre involved with? This weekend brings a critical chance for communicating your true desires. Youre becoming so much more aware of your feelings and instincts that youre being forced to find a way of verbalising them. An exchange of information will be extremely constructive. There are insights and revelations in store for you. Call 1902 222 500. CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 You might have all the psychological weapons you need, but, if youre unsure of where to aim your attack, you stand no chance of winning a battle. On the other hand, if you know exactly where your target is, and you stay cool and composed, just one well-aimed shot will do the trick. Theres a strong likelihood of success this weekend. With skilful timing and concentration, you can convincingly win a campaign youve been fighting for. An injustice can be satisfactorily overturned. You can find inspiration and make change happen! Call 1902 222 500. VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 I dont know about you, but I start dreaming about my holiday months before I actually book it. Sometimes, it just feels nice to dream about something happening, even if its an idea that will never be put into action. Perhaps we do this when the change we crave is internal. Youre seeking deeper understanding of who you are and what will satisfy you. Your current restlessness is familiar. This weekend, negotiating your way out of a tired and worn out position will be easier than you imagine. The planets say that wonderful changes are possible. Call 1902 222 500. AQUARIUS JAN 21FEB 19 The life symphony that accompanies your thoughts and actions this weekend was completed a while ago. The contents arent negotiable. Yet, you have the important role of conductor. Youre in control of how the piece is played out. You can change the tempo and the level of sensitivity. You have the skills and ability to communicate with the other participants and encourage a joyful, enthusiastic performance. Your optimism can ensure that everyone plays to their full potential. It should be fun. This coming week can bring the success you deserve into your life. Call 1902 222 500. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 Now that the sun is passing through your opposite sign, it brings the chance for a positive change in one of your key relationships. 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