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Email from Sue Fraser-Adams to Mr Tollner re Loyalty to CLP



Email from Sue Fraser-Adams to Mr Tollner re Loyalty to CLP

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members of that same Management Committee then released their "private notes" of that confidential meeting to the media, going to a lot of trouble to retype the notes in the same font as the confidential agenda. And the purpose of all this? To have Terry Mills charged with a criminal offense that would destroy him, as the Leader & as a Parliamentarian. The person or persons who made the decision to go down that path was pretty cold, hard, callous and blindingly ambitious - and wrong at law, it turns out. Aside from the illegality of what was done in recording etc, the actions of those people are pretty disgusting, disloyal and traitorous in my opinion. You told me yourself a short time after the 15 August that you had heard the tape and you seemed perfectly comfortable to not reveal to me who had made it available to you when 1 asked you to tell me where you had heard it or got it from. At least Steve Brown had the courage to identify himself - we now have within the Party nameless, faceless, gutless wonders who are in the most senior positions on Management Committee who are making every effort to destroy our chances of winning the next election. We had a Management Meeting on the 13th January as you well know and yet the next morning you rang Graeme Lewis and relayed to him the substance of what had happened in that meeting. You are not on Management Committee; you were not elected by Central Council to sit on Management Committee and you have no right to know anything that goes on in our meetings, unless the whole Committee chooses to tell you. If you have the Party's interests at heart, you will tell me who it is that is breaking the confidences of Management Committee and Central Council will deal with them. Dave - I am appealing to the good person that is inside you -1 cannot believe you are comfortable with being part of all this. You know I personally like you a lot but it is time to call a halt to all this. Sixthly, your longing for the return of James Lantry, one of the brightest & politically astute minds in Australia today, is ironic to say the least. The only comment I would make about the Col Fuller matter is that, to an outsider, it is very, very untidy. So 1 ask you all on the email list - when is all this going to stop? Because until it does, we are all wasting our time and time is running out. The Party does not choose the Leader of the Parliamentary Wing; you all do. As the President, I support to the death the Leader you elect and Terry is the Leader. With all your support, wise advice, hard work and best interests of the Party at heart, we can win Government but if this guerrilla warfare does not cease immediately and everyone gets on the same side, then all is lost. We owe it to Territorians - please put their interests above your own. I lay down a couple of challenges to you all: 1. If anyone of you thinks they should be the Leader instead of Terry, then over the six months go out & raise SI .5million and have it in the NT Election account by 30 June 2011. Then we will talk. Otherwise shut up and get to work. 2. Everyone to come up with their list of the 6 policies that will get us elected in 2012 and we will put this list before Central Council in Katherine to see what the members think. Lets all get on with what has to be done. Everyone get over it (whatever "it" is) and start behaving like a proper Government for the NT. Yours truly Sue Fraser-Adams President