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Questions Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 1996



Questions Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 1996

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Parliamentary Record 29


Questions for 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997




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QUESTIONS - Wednesday 27 November 1996 given proper advice on the recommended treatment and the process to be carried out. Hopefully, the parents then deliver that treatment. Where it does not happen, and it repeatedly does not happen, the system is able to exclude that child from the school until such time as he or she is treated. While it might sound a little severe, that is the point that has been reached with this dilemma. There is a collaborative approach between Territory Health Services and the Department of Education and wc are in the middle of a campaign week this week. As the weather becomes more humid, the nits breed faster and more prolifically and we run a Nits, Not! campaign. An awareness campaign is running this week with advertisements on television. Notices have been sent out to parents through the newsletters. The message I really would like to deliver to all Territory parents is that they must get behind the program and cooperate with the school and the school nurse. Not only should they allow their children to be examined but, just as importantly, they should undertake the recommended treatment process at home themselves. This is a situation where, if you do not wipe out the lot, the problem will repeat itself with great frequency and great irritation. Police Inquiry into Alleged Breaches of Confidentiality Mr BAILEY to CHIEF MINISTER I direct members attention to the document from the Director of Public Prosecutions that was tabled yesterday by the Chief Minister. In his advice, the Director of Public Prosecutions gave clear instructions: This letter of advice needs to be read in conjunction with the report. In other words, the Director of Public Prosecutions was saying that his letter told only half the story. Why is the ChiefMinister so reluctant to give Territorians the whole story and table the police report - not the whole transcript, but the police report? Mr Stirling: You are very good at telling only half the story. You do that in the Industrial Relations Court as well. ANSWER Mr Speaker, I will pick up the interjection from the member for Nhulunbuy who cannot help himself. The member for Wanguri referred to telling only half the story. Those are his words, not the words of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Mr Stirling: To be read in conjunction with the report. Mr STONE: You interject over the top of ministers. I repeat that I have not seen the report from Assistant Commissioner Valentin, and I have not seen the file. It is not a matter of covering anything up. I have not seen it. I do not have it. It has never been in my possession. Can you get that very clear? You would have a basis for complaint if I had been privy to it and I was denying it to you. The reality ... Mr Bailey: You ran away from it. 1835