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The Centralian advocate Fri 11 May 2018


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38 ENTERTAINMENT FRIDAY MAY 11 2018 CAVE01Z01MA - V1 Country needs people Mapping and minding shared lands with Kim Mahood Alice Springs Public Library Today, 5.30pm. Beats Buffet Presents Dirty Laundry Featuring popular DJs from Wide Open Space Epilogue Tonight, 8pm. Big Day Out in Harmony Town Council Lawns Saturday, 1pm 5pm. Creativity in the Mall: Re-Cycle or Up-Cycle Re-cycle or up-cycle your garments Adelaide House Saturday, 1pm 4pm Free- Bookings required. King Marong African Drum and Dance Project Drum and Dance Workshop Uniting Church Lawns Saturday, 4pm. Whats on in alice this Week ONE thing that always brings a community together, is music. Alice Springs has an eclectic mix of musicians, musical taste and musical events. From bands, to soloists, from bush reggae to the indie scene and now coming to the fore is a stream of local classically trained talent. Marcus Kuchenbuch, who has recently performed with other musicians for Live Alice Mparntwe, has a vision for creating a Central Australian Chamber Orchestra. I believe that classical music sets a strong foundation for education on western music, but only if we can preserve it and bring it to the community, Kuchenbuch said. With more than 75 nations living side-by-side and 19 schools employing professionally trained music teachers, in Alice Springs there is a wide pool of experienced musicians to work with. For some time, modern bands and musicians have incorporated classical instruments or orchestral accompaniment to their performance. This is a way we can bring classical music and instruments to our Alice Springs community Kuchenbuch said. Sally Westaway, a local classically trained harpist said shed love to perform music that has been composed specifically for Central Australia, such as Journey to Horseshoe Bend: Cantata which was last performed by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra in the Todd River over 10 years ago. The town band is great for musicians of brass instruments to get together but having a local Chamber Orchestra would mean other like-minded people and performers can come together, she said. For more details contact Marcus Kuchenbuch at Alicestringswco@gmail.com or on 0458 811 544. CentreD on with Cy Starkman redhotarts.com.au One mans vision to band together for a Chamber Orchestra chance to audition for a oneweek professional development placement with The Australian Ballet company. The tour will include programs both on and off the stage with performances, education and audience engagement initiatives. Copplia will transport audiences from the everyday to a magical world. Set to Lo Delibes cheery score, audiences will meet lovers Swanilda and Franz and their neighbour Dr Coppelius, an eccentric toy maker who dreams of bringing his mechanical toys to life. Dr Coppelius has a daughter who is not what she seems and Swanilda must rescue Franz with the help of some fancy footwork. Copplia was performed during Australian Ballets inaugural season in 1962 and re Playwright to let us in on her life ONE of Australias best-loved playwrights will stage her onewoman show at the Araluen Arts Centre this month. Hannie Rayson, whose life and writing has always been driven by her deep curiosity about contemporary Australian life, will bring Hello, Beautiful! to the Red Centre on May 26. Hello, Beautiful! is based on Raysons best-selling memoir. It is a 60 minute piece of comic storytelling, written and performed in the style of David Sedaris, Nora Ephron and Spalding Gray - true stories from a life, spiced with wit, social observation, and intimacy. The one-woman show tracks her childhood in East Brighton to the treacheries of Hollywood, from share-houses in Fitzroy to the beauties of rural Australia. Rayson trained as an actor at the Victorian College of the Arts and although she has spent her working life as a playwright, she found herself wanting to bring together the writer and performer in her own show. Hello, Beautiful by Hannie Rayson will be onstage at the Araluen Arts Centre on May 26 at 8pm. Tickets cost $49 for adults and $45 for concession. A MUCH-loved ballet and the chance to audition for a renowned dance company are all part of Australian Ballets tour of regional and remote communities in August. The Australian Ballet is bringing its production of Copplia to Alice Springs for performances at the Araluen Arts Centre on August 17 and 18. It is also offering aspiring Alice Springs dancers the An epic return for Kratos Matthew Davies VIDEO GAME REVIEW THE latest instalment of the God of War series is a truly awesome game that is epic in every sense of the word. Now on the PS4, the games presentation and overall tone has been updated compared to previous entries, which was highly bombastic and visceral. Players still control Kratos, a brutal Greek Spartan/God as one explores this new foreign Norse world. The tone is a lot more serious, intense and overall more mature, and Kratos son is along for the ride. The visuals on the PS4 are incredibly gorgeous, the game strikes a unique balance of stunning scenery animated with such detail that it seems lifelike and fantastical at the same time. The combat feels good; Kratos wields a new weapon The Leviathan Axe which was crafted by Ancient Dwarves and magically returns to him after throwing it, like a boomerang or Thors Hammer. Combat feels a little repetitive but you soon unlock many abilities and weapon upgrades which opens up many offensive options. There is an added wrinkle to the combat of GoW with a meaningful upgrade system. You are now able to upgrade Kratoss arsenal of weapons, skills and amour; which is especially great because it opens up the combat immensely and provides a good deal of options to engage in the action. The GoW series has always been rooted in mythology and this game is no different. What is different though; is this one is based in Norse mythology as opposed to Greek mythology. Dont be mistaken though, you will still encounter numerous undead and vicious foot soldiers, and there are still plenty of powerful and truly captivating monsters to battle. This still feels like a God of War game, just grown up a whole lot, like an adult. There are still many aspects that make this a traditional GoW game like the mythology, the combat, fighting a variety of monsters and players are adventuring with the same legendary protagonist in Kratos. However, there are enough aspects that have changed for the better that make this game truly outstanding. A scene from the Australian Ballet production of Copplia which will be staged at the Araluen Arts Centre in August. Picture: SUPPLIED More than just a show vived in 1979 by The Australian Ballets founding Artistic Director Dame Peggy van Praagh and theatre director George Ogilvie. The companys Step Inside the Ballet offers a behind the curtain look on August 18 at the Araluen Arts Centre. Open classes will give dance students the chance to take part in a class on stage with a member of the artistic staff. &!!$*$ $_;|_b1;ub; $$_;b1;ub;bvom;o=v|u-b-v om];v| ummbm] -m7 lov| u;mom;7 u;]bom- -u| rub;v 0ubm]bm] ;1bm] 1om|;lrou-u -u|ouhv 0 ;l;u]bm] -m7 ;v|-0bv_;7 -uv|v =uol -1uovv v|u-b-|ob1;"rubm]v bm-bv|v =ou |_;b1; ub; -u; v;;1|;7 =uol _m7u;7v o= m-omb7;;m|ub;v0-m;r;u| v;;1omr-m; $_;f7];=ou|_;|_b1;ub; bv ub-m !b|1_b; 1u-|ou !$&" o;;vv A masterpiece. An eerie thriller of hypnoc, mysterious intensity. The Guardian 4.54.5 stars. Masterful, sublime. So beauful. A film of marvellous arstry. Margaret Pomeranz 4.5 stars. Riveng. David Straon uol|_;bm|;um-om--11-bl;7 7bu;1|ou o= ;m- -m7 ;b-|_-m 1ol;v om; o= |_; lov| --u7;7 Clvo=|_;;-u om7--rl 7|vom1;vvbom $_;u-;mu|v;m|u;o1-|;7 b|_bm |_; u-;m |u- u;1bm1| bv_ol;|ovol;o=|_; lov| vb]mbC1-m| -uv1 -m7 1|u- ;r;ub;m1;v bm b1; "rubm]v m b|v =ou]-;ub;v-m7v;-| |_;-|u; |_;u-;mu|v ;m|u; ru;v;m|v -m -mm- ruo]u-l o= ;_b0bomv|_;-|u;-m7Cl-m7 _ov|v b1omb1 ;;m|v v1_ -v |_; m-om-vb]mbC1-m| ;v;u|o0 )_-|vmbm|_;u-;m$_;-|u;-m7-;ub;v For more informaon and cket bookings visit www.araluenartscentre.nt.gov.au or call 951 1122