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The Northern Territory news Tue 27 Mar 2018

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TUESDAY MARCH 27 2018 OPINION 21 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA JENKINS IN THE RUNNING FOR ALDERMAN POSITION What a Joke ... all recycled deadwood seems to have floated back in ... What sort of mentality do people have today. seems to be too much rubbish on the mind Local I cant believe it when the NTG gave Palmerston voters the perfect opportunity to finally elect a decent council by clearing out the deadwood, only to see many of them return for another round. Unbe lievable! Rosemary Goes to show the mentality of Palmerston residents. voting for Trevor and past council members that got sacked. you lot are a joke Robyn On a serious note a complete farce like the Palmerston council is actually doing untold damage to the city and assisting to drive people interstate to live. Brad He would have been a much better addition to the NT Government instead. His outlook on things in general would seriously outshine every one of the no hopers who currently constitute our government and he might actually do the unthinkable and listen to electorate feedback for a change. Trevor is a bit of a lad though and meetings would be interesting!! Alan COMMISSIONER WEIGHS IN ON DARWIN BARBER CASE Yet another example of a totally unnecessary and unaffordable taxpayer-funded organisation. Maybe I move in circles where people simply deal with the world as they find it - and never even consider trying to find some expensive, overstaffed, taxpayer-funded bureaucracy to fight some silly little petty battle about nothing. A complete and utter waste of money. The Anti-Discrimination Commission should be abolished. It would be interesting to see if ANY readers/commenters of the NT News have ever used this expensive and unnecessary service. Dave Wane TOP END RESIDENTS FEEL TREMOR OF EARTHQUAKE Cyclone, bad water, earthquake ... pretty sure its a plague of locusts and frogs next. Grant Keatley Felt my whole bed shake in Darwin City on the 8th floor! Had the same thing happen yesterday afternoon. Jacqueline Johnson It was the biggest Ive felt in Darwin in the 7 years Ive been here Paul Vermeer A complete farce like the Palmerston council is actually doing untold damage to the city and assisting to drive people interstate to live. SEE BELOW ON AUSSIE CRICKET SHAME Hi ed. Well Im a bit confused as to which ball Bancroft was actually tampering with. cheers ed. c.c.c.g. Cant see what all the fuss is about with the cricketers cheating.Some tape their fingers,some their balls. After all it doesnt happen in womens cricket, dont see them scratchin their balls. Dave @Kath The ICC inquiry into ball tampering is akin to a internal police inquiry, pussy footing around with no real consequences for any offences. Once proud Aussie fan Smithy should have just sent down a couple of under armers shame shame shame time for you boys to go. Strawb Howard springs Re Cricket ball tampering all I hear on the media is ball tampering which sounds like you need to point to the dolly to explain it. The Virginian Love my cricket but deeply ashamed over the ball tampering. BP of Gray. Steve Smith should not be allowed to stand down, he needs to be sacked for cheating. Smithy ,what a stupid waste of talent. He is no Don Bradman, hes not the new Douglas Jardine either, Jardine was too smart too cheat. Mark. I wont be supporting the Australian cricket team again until there is a thorough clean out of players, management and selectors. Crap, cheating culture which is an embarrassment to us all. Disgusted ON OTHER THINGS It is great news to hear that Trevor Jenkins is only a few votes from winning an alderman position in the Palmerstom election. The place needs a good shaking up. I think Trevor would be good on the council board of Palmerston. Jack Henderson Larrakeyah. Cyclone Marcus has not only demonstrated the superiority of roundabouts over traffic lights but that magnificent tree at the intersection of Smith and Daly St, the tree that the Lord Mayor wanted to cut down, is still resplendent! NT politicians simply rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic. Its the developers who make the decisions - see Berrimah Farm. The cost of installing underground power means nothing without the comparative cost to the government of cumulative cyclone recovery costs. What would you rather have? Another museum (we have 1), another cbd hole (we have 1), another 4 lane road (we have 2) or power? Work it out Thats amazing that you dont have guns. I was living for a short time in the USA and you can literally buy them online. Its crazy. LORENA CAMPI, DARWIN CITY No, I dont think we need to change them. I think weve done what we need to do and weve got it under control. SUZE SCOTT, DARWIN CITY I think were on top of it and dont need to change much. I feel safe at least. LIAM MINTY, DARWIN CITY Speak Up: What do you think about Australias gun laws? I think we got it right early on and dont need to change anything at all. PETER SCOTT, DARWIN CITY LETTER OF THE DAY Be sensible in cyclone repair CYCLONE Tracy gave us the Government Printing Office bunker at the Parap traffic lights and the Darwin Hospital with giant snow louvres. Both were a result of an over-reaction in the immediate aftermath of the cyclone. We need to avoid similar over-reactions to Cyclone Marcus. Many mahoganies were blown over but even more were not. Many black wattles and gum trees and other trees native to the Darwin area were blown over, but even more were not. Many palms and rain trees and other trees not native to the Darwin area were blown over, but even more were not. Trees, young and old, were uprooted from Darwins shal low topsoil or broken and sheared by cyclonic winds. Marcus was indiscriminate in its destruction of vegetation irrespective of leaf size and shape. The idea that some trees are more cyclone-proof than others just doesnt match reality when you look beyond the fallen trees to see what trees survived. The overwhelming majority of trees in Darwin suffered only minor damage. By all means remove dangerous trees but apply a sensible criteria rather than a blanket condemnation by species. We need a variety of species used in replantings rather than another Government Printing Office bunker over-reaction. Daryl Guppy, CEO, Guppytraders.com Its a hard one. Small town and farming communities do have a need for them. Banning semiautomatic weapons makes sense. JAMIE WINDERLICH, THE GARDENS SPEAK UP ONLINE See your response videos online at A Tuyu Buffaloes fan gestures to Tikilaru Dockers fans during Sundays Tiwi Island Football League Grand Final at Wurrumiyanga Oval. The Dockers had the last laugh and won by seven points Picture: KERI MEGELUS PICK OF THE PICS