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THURSDAY MARCH 8 2018 OPINION 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA BUSINESS OWNERS BACK ROYAL VISIT CLEAN-UP What a load of rubbish. Doesnt anyone realise how false such half-baked actions will be viewed by those who are organising the Princes visit. Empty shops disguised with posters and itinerants herded off the streets are unbelievable ideas. No doubt this story will go international and be read with some mirth by the Palace. Is Charles actually going to stroll through the town and areas such as the Mall. Such thought bubbles but gormless plans remind me of the South Korean Government edict that no dog meat was to be displayed during the period of the Olympic Games. The world saw right through such a rubbish idea to disguise what normally occurs in Seoul. Darwin will be ridiculed if similar misguided actions are to occur. Ian OUTRAGE AS PASSENGERS LEFT STRANDED IN QLD Definitely the worst cus tomer service Ive ever seen and the worst travel experience Ive ever had. Darwin Dingo Never had a problem with them. Corinne Holehouse In the end, if you choose to fly budget you get budget ser vice. Tiger flys for them not you! David Ross PALMERSTON RESIDENTS UNITE TO COMBAT CRIME I dont see why it is up to the Palmerston residents to fix it. Its the governments (both Labor and CLP) plus the entire legal system that has created this soft-on-crime situation. Crime and punishment should be made undesirable, not a badge of honour, and the building of new child care centres for the younger criminals is hardly likely to deter them. Whats the next step? Butlers assigned to each luxury cabin? Phil Territory Families minister Dale Wakefield said crime is a complex issue and further went on to say Weve got to do more in regards to early in tervention. Yep, thats your job! When are you planning on starting? Kerin The public assumes the statistics are correct. From my time working in different departments, the more sensitive the statistics, the more theyre fudged! If mum and dad or the adult guardians of these kids are at risk of losing their housing commission house, you can bet they will modify the behaviour of all who live under that taxpayer-subsidised roof. Nori What a load of rubbish. Doesnt anyone realise how false such half-baked actions will be viewed by those who are organising the Princes visit. SEE BELOW ON MANY THINGS Customer Service? How many businesses provide shaded carparks which get taken by employees? Visited three such places today and every park was taken with very few in the sun. Guess therefore that it was the staff utilising the preferred places. Customer service indeed and managers wonder why people shop on line!! Dear Editor, What a refreshing change to hear Tom Lewis tell it like it is with a sound view of what is or should be in volved with working as Mayor for the people of Palmerston. About time this current lot got the heave ho and we get a new broom call Mayor Tom. Regards Matt Feel a bit sorry for the poor BDR it seems to be copping the blame for everything. Now an alcoholic has said it was the BDRs fault he broke into a property and stole grog worth thousands. Damn you BDR how dare you make him do that. Before the BDR came along there was zero crime and no drunk itinerants anywhere in Darwin. A valid point Ted Dunstan, second tier policing may well be the answer. Public Housing Safety Officers in Darwin and Alice do a great job and this tragedy in Tennant may well have been avoided had they been there working with the mother to overcome visitor problems and associated drunken behaviour as they do in the major centres. DAVE, DARWIN CITY. A condition of a licence for takeaway liquor should be paying the cost of police presence outside the entrance. Rosemary Does the NT Chamber of Commerce believe the scientific Inquiry Panel is wrong to conclude that the moratorium needs to be extended for three years to collect the basic data for rational decision making? The 2 Koreas talk Peace: Showing the world who the real (NutJob) threat to peace on Earth really is. Channel 11 had Star Trek Tuesday night, gee we had exactly the same on channel 10 back on 24/02. Things must be hard to find news movies for tv Cool, City Unbelievable. If the lady owns the barbers and says men only then so beit for gods sake. Is she pissed off that she cant use the mens toilet? Probably should! If inpex said wear red undies to work or no job then so be it. They own the joint. I am so glad I grew up when I did. I feel sorry for my kidshaving to deal with all the counterprouctive bullshit we live with. Chris. Parap. It is time for a change in Palmerston. New representatives who work for the people not themselves. Out with the old and in with the new! No It should be clean anyway HEATHER DOWLING, MARRARA NO It should be cleaned up already LEX SILVESTER, STUART PARK NO They should keep it maintained all the time MARY LEHMANN, WOODROFFE Speak Up: Is the Royal visit an excuse to clean up the city? NO Its certainly not a good enough excuse BRAEDON EARLEY, JINGILI LETTER OF THE DAY Are we ready for next Tracy? IT must by now be evident that, worldwide, extreme weather events are occurring with greater frequency and intensity. Last year, South Australia which is not a cyclone-prone area suffered intense storms that disabled its electricity transmission system. Towers were not able to withstand the pressures and crumpled. We have never known for sure how strong Cyclone Tracy was but the evidence of its effects on our transmission system stands as a memorial outside Casuarina Secondary School! Drive along Dick Ward Dr and into Fannie Bay and there is a positive forest of transmission towers for various power levels. And that is by no means the only part of Darwin where they can be seen. Instead of spending millions on Barneson Blvd, which will merely facilitate road traffic for a few hours per day on weekdays, the NT Government needs to revisit its project to make all power lines underground. One certainty is that, sooner or later, Darwin will be revisited by a cyclonic storm. Indications are that it may well exceed the ferocity of Tracy. Being prepared for that eventuality is vital, given that Darwin is the capital city of the NT and cannot afford to be caught napping. Rosemary Jacob, Fannie Bay NO It should be done all the time, by everyone, not just by the council TREVOR RAGGATT, HOWARD SPRINGS SPEAK UP ONLINE See your response videos online at Aviana McElwee, 20 months, with parents Bethan and Jonathan McElwee and new baby brother Hugo, 5 weeks. Aviana has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 1, and is receiving a new ground-breaking treatment Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS

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