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Strategic Plan 1989-1992 BTEC



Strategic Plan 1989-1992 BTEC

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Tabled Paper 912


Tabled Papers for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Brian Ede


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14 F i n a l l y t h e C h i e f I n s p e c t o r u s e d S e c t i o n 2 7 . ( 2 ) t o i s s u e m o v e m e n t c o n d i t i o n s b y d i s e a s e s t a t u s . The DCA was a contract between the NT and each pastoralist that allowed the NT to pay compensation for the categories of stock as mentioned in the agreement. It made reference to the Approved Program and worked in conjunction with that document. The Approved Program was the agreement between DPP and the pastoralist that' set out how the campaign would be conduct his holding. It was reviewed annually resulting in an historical and a projected activity component of the revie O b j e c t i v e The powers of the Stock Disease Act will be used to ensure proper legal framework is in place to control movement of stock; and when all else fails to ensure progress in the N an individual pastoralist will not voluntarily participate program that meets NT objectives. Strategies Legislation will be used to *Control movements of livestock Declare extensions to provisionally free and impending free areas. strict herds to protect other herds. As a last resort, order an activity to be carried o Orders to be issued under the SDA by the Chief Inspecto Stock in order to meet targets include; Order.to destock. Compensation is made available through the Destocking Compensation Agreement if th order is complied with. If the order is not compli with, an Inspector will arrange to have the intent the order carried out and a prosecution will be initiated. Costs will be recovered if DPI have to destock. Order to muster/test will be issued where an activi agreement has. not been complied with, or if no agre has been made. Order to destroy will be issued if inhumane treatment of animals has occurred. Stock will be seized where a reactor has not been released to inspector.