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Annual Report 1986/1987 Public Service Commissioner for the Northern Territory



Annual Report 1986/1987 Public Service Commissioner for the Northern Territory

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37 Review of Locksmithing Trade A review of the Locksmithing Trade was initiated at the request of industry to ascertain the suitability of the current term of apprenticeship and curriculum. A draft report has been provided to industry recommending that there be an extension of the term of apprenticeship from three years to four years and that the curriculum be revised to include new technology and methodology developed in the trade. Development On-the-Job Training Guidelines The Division issued the first On-the-Job Training Guidelines for apprentices in Electrical Trades in February 1987. Other trades nearing completion include - Plumbing and Draining, Carpentry and Joinery, Cooking, Motor Mechanics, Metal Fabrication and Hairdressing. A program is in place which will continue into 1988/89 to ensure that On-the-Job Training Guidelines for all fifty four declared trades in the Northern Territory will be completed. Computerisation The Division undertook a major review of computerised recording of apprenticeship information which resulted in the development of a sophisticated integrated system utilising IBM PC's. This new system provides automatic checking and management reporting to ensure the integrity of information, schedule routine visits and monitors trends in apprenticeships. Northern Territory Industry Feasibility Studies The Division compiled and produced a publication "Northern Territory Industry Feasibility Study Abstracts". The publication presents a molecular summary of all industry and economy related evaluation projects and feasibility studies carried out by the Northern Territory Development Corporation during the period 1977 - 1986. The publication will assist the Division and interested Departments/Instrumentalities in developing Industry needs, assessing possible labour market requirements, job creation initiatives and planning structured training needs in consultation with developing and expanding Industries. Industry Training Training Committee Network Industry Training Committees (ITC's) are part of a national network but also operate on a State/Territory level. They are designed to be voluntary tripartite committees with each committee representing a particular industry and with representatives drawn from employer and employee groups and government. Research