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Statehood Facilitation Written Submission No 41 Chris Lugg MLA date received 29/3/1999



Statehood Facilitation Written Submission No 41 Chris Lugg MLA date received 29/3/1999

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Statehood Survey of N elson Electorate Conducted by Chris Lugg MLA M em ber for Nelson Background In Novem ber 1998, 3732 letters w ere sent out to the constituents of the Nelson Electorate seeking personal responses on the issue of Statehood for the Northern Territory. The information requested was how and if the issue should b e progressed . The num ber of replies received num bered 124. These w ere received by mail, phone and fax. Many of the replies received had multiple reasons which had affected their vote and their thoughts on Statehood. Some constituents chose to attach their nam es while others p referred to rem ain anonymous. Please find attached a summary of the response received, for the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. These are available for the perusal of the Committee if required. Statehood Summary At the O ctober 1998 referendum the Humpty Doo and Howard Springs Polling booths reco rded 2768 y es vote - 53.8% and 2377 no vote - 46.2% Below are listed the areas of concern as seen by the constituents of the Nelson Electorate. Some Constituents listed more than one concern each and although many of them did not state which way they had voted their criticism on the whole was constructive. Total rep lies received Do you still want Statehood Yes no 73 6 Referendum - vote Yes no 46 24 Issu es Anti Stone 30 J Cam paign one sided or not suitably m anaged 14 Lack of Consultation with Territorians 14 Aboriginal Issues 11 Euthanasia (either way) 10 Freedom of Information 9 Lack of education of process to Territorians 9 124 undecided 2 not known 54 unknown 43