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The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117



The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117

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Also on 21 - perhaps if I just ask you to have a look at document 58; that is a media release by Mr Tambling which appears to be dated 21 January 1993. Is that a media release which was brought to your attention on 21 January '93 or not? ---No. Did such a release come to your attention at any point in time?---Yes, shortly after that. I think its likely I saw it the following day when I returned to - we drove back to Darwin that night and the next day at the Casuarina head office, I think it's likely that I saw it there. Also, on 21 January 1993, did you start to prepare a further draft letter for Mr Dodson to send to Minister Tichner in relation to the section 35 matters?---Yes, I did. Could I ask you to have a look at document 59 please?---Yes. Could you tell His Honour what that document is?---We still haven't got the problem resolved of getting the funding, the $546, 000 distribution has been made, so the NLC is now -sho'rt of that money. So, it's still weighing on my mind of how we should try to get the money back, so while the meeting had been going on - and it went from - it started about 10 o'clock and went till 6.00, I was - - This is the Jawoyn Association?---The Jawoyn meeting. Yes?---I was - my brief had been to accompany Mick to listen and observe and learn and deal with the media but there was nothing happening. There were no media present, so really, it was just a matter of watching what was going on during the meeting. So, just as something to occupy my time, I just - as you can see, very roughly, I just scribbled this out. Now, this letter relates to not the $500,000 that you'd earlier arranged to be provided but reimbursement for the section 35 distribution - - - ?---That's - - - - - is that the position?---That's correct. Now, it appears in this letter that you.haven't written in the precise figure, if I could refer you to what seems to be about the second or third paragraph, starting with a dot point, 'By refusing to approve' and then a figure is set out which appears to be an incomplete figure. Could you tell His Honour why that is so?---I didn't know the amount that was involved. I knew it was in the order of $500,000 but I didn't know what the precise figure was. That is, the precise figure which had to be - or was agreed to be distributed?---That's correct. 39/ld Hansen 93 P.J. HANSEN XN 18/11/98