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The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117



The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117

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it's off to Woolridge - the whole of the construction of the letter had started because of Tichner's request to my boss back in December that the Northern Land - so you've got the Labor Party minister writes to the head of a Commonwealth statutory organisation requesting him to involve himself in the political process by writing to the shadow minister and attacking Liberal Party policy. So, this was a political thing ri<jht from the start. The minister writes to the independent statutory organisation and says, 'I want you to write to my shadow counterpart in the Liberal Party and say that you strongly object--to $107m of cutbacks in Aboriginal Affairs funding.' So I thought - we'd been giving Tichner a hard time over the budget money, the $500,000 et cetera, here is an opportunity to show Tichner that, 'All right, you're getting a hard time over the funding but we've taken up your suggestion that we get stuck into the Liberal Party.' So I thought, 'Well, it's fair enough that the man who started this whole thing should get a copy' and I thought along exactly the same lines that because of the agreement between Snowdon and Dodson on the 7th of January, that Snowdon draft the letter, that it's quite reasonable that Snowdon should also get a-copy of the final version. And as a- result of that, did you - coming to that conclusion, fax letters both to Mr. Tichner and Mr Snowdon? I did. And can I ask you just to have a look at documents 61 and 62 in, I think, volume 1 - volume 2, I think we might be in now? Y e s . Are they documents which you - or copies of documents which you wrote sending the letter respectively to Mr Tichner and Mr Snowdon?---Yes, they are. Now, those documents have written on them, the words, 'You did not receive this, from us.' Are they words you wrote on each of those facsimile transmissions?---Yes, they are. Why did you write those words on the faxes?---Well, in the nature of the game of - this is highly political stuff. I ve given you the background of the federal minister and the member for the Northern Territory. I wanted to ensure that later there would be - if they decided to use them to attack the Liberal Party, then it would not be attributed to the Northern Land Council. And is that the sole reason for writing those words?---Yes, it is. And if I can then move on to 27 January '93, on about that date, did Mr Haritos return to work after attending Mr Marika's funeral?---I believe so, yes. 4 3 /Id Hansen 98 P.J. HANSEN XN 18/11/98