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The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117



The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117

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Tabled Papers for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




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And what happened as regards his return?---He got to work at about 9.00 - 9.20 and I asked him how the trip had gone. I said to him I was disappointed that I had learnt that he had not issued the weekly newsletter on the previous Wednesday, s o Now, is that Dhawu, you mean, by the 'weekly' - - -?---Dhawu. Yes?---I asked him whether h e d got much copy for Land Rights News and I asked him how Land Rights News was progressing. And what was his response in relation to those matters? ---Well, he said.there hadn't been much of use over in Gove but it had been a pleasant week. And did he then depart the office again at about 12.00 pm? ---Yes, he came to me at around 12.00 pm and said that his wife and child had been in Melbourne, I think it might've been, for a few weeks and tha.t he'd like my permission to go to the airport and pick them up. And did you allow him to do that?---Yes, I did. Did he return after doing that, or what happened?---He was then unsighted during the afternoon. He didn't come back from this trip to pick up his wife and child. Mid-way through the afternoon, the chairman rang and said that - - By the chairman, you mean, Mr Yunupingu?---Mr Yunupingu. Yes?---That he wanted to talk to Tony, to get Tony to issue a press release because an attack had been made on his brother Manduway being chosen as Australian of the Year. And as a result of receiving that information from the chairman, did you do anything?---Yes, I asked either Adela or Joan - so, the secretary of the director and the chairman, whether they knew where Tony was and then finally whether they had his home phone number. Either myself or one of the secretaries phoned him at home. This is - by this stage it was after 5 o'clock and I spoke to - I think that I spoke to him but it may have been one of the secretaries - conveyed the request from Guluroy that this press release be put out. He agreed that he would return to work straightaway and then, that was the end of the phone conversation. Did he come back into work on that day then, or not?---Next, I left the office probably not long after this, so maybe around 5.30, I called it a day. The next morning, again arrived at work around 9.00 and I said to him - I asked him, had he issued the press release as requested by the chairman? He said, Yes', he had come back to work and he'd worked on it 44/ld Hansen 99 P.J. HANSEN XN 18/11/98