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The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117



The Supreme Court of Australia Transcript of Proceedings Between Peter Julian Hansen (Plaintiff) and Northern Land Council (Defendant) pages 52-117

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And following receipt of that document, did you then start work at the Northern Land Council on 4 December 1992 as requested by Mr Dodson?---Yes, I did. When you arrived at work on that day, were you provided with any additional material?---Yes, I reported at 8 o'clock and went to the office of Desley Lee, the personnel officer, and she gave.me the various personal particulars forms, superannuation, deductions from salary and bank account details, I think. Could I also ask you to have a look at document 24 which is a letter from the Northern Land Council to yourself dated 3 December 1992, and in addition to it being signed by Mr Dodson on the second page it appears to contain a third page. Can I ask you to read that document to yourself please?---Yes. In fact, I think page 3 of that document might also be marked 'document 2 5, is that correct?---Thats right. Are those documents - that is, documents 2 4 and 25, i-n -the' court book, documents which you received on 4 December or _ . not?---Yes, they are. Did you -peruse those on - or read them, I should say, on 4 December 1992?---Yes. Did you sign them on that occasion or not?---No. Why not?---Because Mick wasn't going to be in the office until his return from New York, so there hardly seemed any point in me signing until he could counter-sign. So were those documents then left with the personnel section or what happened?---No, they just - I then put them on my desk. Okay. Having checked-in then on 4 December 1992, was there anyone to explain to you what you were required to do on that day, or example?---No. What did you go about doing then on 4 December 1992, having checked-in?---Well, I went through the formalities of doing the paperwork, that took till a bit after 9 o clock an then I was introduced to some of the people in the personnel section and the administration section. Well, it's - they were located in the one discrete area. Were you introduced to the other members of the directorate? -No. So then - so not long after 9 o'clock, I walked upstairs to the directorate which I knew where it was because I'd - that was where -I'd been interviewed and I walked up and turned up in an intriguing situation in that every single phone in every office was ringing - thanks a lot. 7 - 8 / l d H a n s e n 61 P.J. H A N S E N XN 18/ 1 1 / 9 8