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Regulations 2000 No 16 Planning Regulations



Regulations 2000 No 16 Planning Regulations

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a brief summary of the land use which is permitted by the permit as issued or as varied, or, if an application is refused, for which a permit or variation was sought. Public notice of development application Before determining a development application, the consent authority must notify, or require the applicant to notify, the public of the proposal. The manner and form of such notification is to be prescribed. It is intended the manner and form of notification be generally consistent with those specified in section 15 of the Act for proposals to amend the Planning Scheme (except that notice to the owner is not necessary, because a development application can only be lodged by the owner or with the owner's agreement): A notice is to be published in a newspaper circulating in the Territory or in the area in which the subject land is situated. Publication of the notice is to determine the beginning of the exhibition period referred to in s.47(1)(c). A notice or notices (as many as the consent authority thinks fit) are to be placed on or in the vicinity of the land for the whole of the exhibition period. A notice on the land not required if: (a) in the opinion of the consent authority (i) it is impractical to comply because of the location of the land; and (ii) the newspaper notice is such that all persons likely to be affected by the proposal could reasonably be expected to have notice of it. (b) the development application is made only in respect of a sign or (c) the development application is to allow the premises to be used as a shelter for victims of domestic violence, rape or similar and the consent authority considers the safety of the occupants is likely to be compromised by a public notice (in such case notice is to be given in writing to near neighbours). Notices placed on the land must be of sufficient size and so placed as to be legible from the nearest road boundary. Form of public notice Information to be included in a notice placed on the land and in the newspaper notice under section 47 of the Act.