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Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo



Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo

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auditors ( Please see document 3/1 and 3/2). Mr McDougalls actions were reported to both Mr R. Taylor and to Commissioner Mr Patterson (Please refer document 4/1 to 4/4) (5) Another-issue thaj: was raised relates to Mr. McDougall authorising an amount of $120,000 being deposited into the NBC Consultants Trust account. As there was no movement in this project NBC transferred a final amount of $118,463.63 into NHRC Bank account. I was advised by Mr Thamm that Mr McDougall approved the transaction and NBC retaining $3,150.10 as services rendered was acceptable. Once again Mr McDougall had wasted tax payers money which was highlited to the auditors.(Please see document 5/1 to 5/3). (6) Mr McDougall has done everything possible to damage my character until he resorted to sending an e-mail (Dated 7 October 1998) which is both malicious and highly defamatory. The e-mail brings into disrepute Mr Deos character, competence and professional ability. I am presently taking legal advise. (Please see document 6/1). (7) On two occassions I have been advised by Mr Chris Thamm that Mr McDougall and Mr Stirling are good friends. This only adds credence that this has been a personel attack that Mr Stirling has taken up on behalf of his mate. These are some of the issues that caused alot of anguish on our part and caused very unpleasant verbal exchanges between the two parties. The allegations Mr Stirling presented in Parliament. Part 1 - Debates - Tuesday 17 August 1999 are misleading and I believe he has misled Parliament. I would like to address each paragraph supporting why these allegations are misleading. PARAGRAPH 1 ALLEGATIONS CONTAINED IN A BRIEF It appears that Mr Stirlings allegations are contained in a brief. It is possible for Mr Stirling to give us a copy of that brief. I find it absolutely disgusting at the professionalism (if he has any) by presuming we are guilty without giving us the benefit to defend ourselves. PARAGRAPH 2 APPOINTMENT OF CLEANTHOUS & DEO AS GRANT CONTROLLERS Cleanthous & Deo were appointed on 21/12/94 and our role ended 30/6/95 (Refer to document 7/1 to 7/6) There seems to be some confusion on Mr Stirlings part, we were not appointed for 3 months as he indicated but rather for 6 months.