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Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo



Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo

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Tabled paper 1563


Tabled Papers for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabledby Shane Stone


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APPOINTMENT AS ACCOUNTANTS I am somewhat shocked that the Council members did not know or fully comprehend what they were signing, considering everything was explained to them by the administrator Mr Richard Whittington. Mr Whittington not only explained the issue of accountants twice but three times. The duration of the appointment for 4 years was set by NHRC council. (Refer document 8/1 to8/26) There were two meetings the first on 8/9/95 (refer Paragraph 11) and the second on 18/10/95 (refer paragraph 10). On both occassions the NHRC council discussed amongst themselves with no interferance from anyone. Minutes were taken by Mr Whittington which are self explanatory. Furthermore our appointment was also discussed with ATSIC and Walter Turnbull (refer minutes dated 19/12/95). I believe the Council was informed and the correct procedure was followed in our appointment as accountants to NHRC. Based on this Mr Stirling has misled the Parliament and the public at large. PARAGRAPH 3 HEALTH ISSUE Let me first explain, all health issues were always the concern of Gapuwiyuk Community Council, after all they administered the health funds. We can not be blame for that as Stirling also indicated we were only the accountants. Although Mr and Mrs Whittington who were brought in as skilled coordinators did try to establish a Outstation Health Clinic (Refer document 9/1 to 9/20). This idea was shelved as Mr McDougall although McDougall agreed to fund Mrs Whittingtons position (Refer document 10/1 to 10/6 paragraph 11), McDougall did not honour his agreement, hence Mr and Mrs Whittington had to leave NHRC. Since then ATSIC took responsibility of hiring of the coordinators. Cleanthous & Deo had nothing to do with health issues as we were only contracted as accountants. It is obvious that McDougall planned the down fall of NHRC health. FINANCIAL ISSUES We would like to stress the issues of over expenditure, which were never raised by the auditors DeCastro & Sullivan. Please refer to Auditors report from 1997-1998.(refer document 11/1to11/2) So how did Mr Stirling come to the conclusion of over runs in budgets. Furthermore note from Mr Chris Thyme of ATSIC on 1/4/98 indicated there were no breaches of accounting requirements (Refer document 12/1) A report from Walter Turnbull ( appointed by ATSIC) contradicts what Mr Stirling said as it is known we only act as accountants and conclusion on 1.4 states