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Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo



Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo

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Tabled paper 1563


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found with the 1992/1993 audit . Yet no formal response was received . We (Cleanthous & Deo) were appointed to fix the problems of the 1992/1993 audit, we advised Richard Brady - Alan Bandana and John Gawura that this will be an expensive exercise . We were told to do it any way as it had to be done to meet the requirements of the funding bodies and the Aboriginal Corporation and at the same time prepare the 1993/1994 financial statements . On starting the .job we found that no general ledgers were kept furthermore no wages or group certificates were prepared . We subsequently started to reconcile all information and update the general ledger and prepare the payroll records . Considerable time was spent to reconcile the records . This information was told : to Richard Brady ' Alan Bangana and John Gawura . Then in December Cleanthouse & Deo were appointed Grant Controllers by ATSIC Nhulunbuy . All billings were done under the name of Cleanthouse & Deo and Sonny Deo cannot comprehend on how both Paula Howard & Russell Corrigan can come to the conclusion that Sonny Deo paid himself to much . Sonny further stressed that all payments were approved by Ngadunggay Homeland Resource Centre and ATSIC . Sonny than asked who heard the allegations made by Paula Howard & Russell Corrigan'. Richard Whittington - Ngadunggay staff were told by Paula Howard and Russell Corrigan that with the information in the monthly financial statements provided by Claenthouse Sc Deo , which they were checking in the Ngadunggay office on the 12.9.95 . They were both certain that Sonny Deo had over paid himself for the work he had done for Ngadunggay . Paula told Russell in front of myself -- Andy Cherico - John Gawura that if all the amounts that Sonny paid himself is added up it is over $100000.00 . Paula saiid he is doing very well for himself . I said that Cleanthouse and Deo were only paid what was agreed to by ATSIC . Russell said it doesn't look that way according to what Paula has found . I ask Russell to explain t what he mean . Paula said he has not only paid himself for being grant controller * but for accounting ; - bookkeeping as well . Sonny - This is a very serious allegation made by Paula & Russell in the capacity as ATSIC officers . Firstly all bills were made out by Cleanthouse & Deo. , not Sonny Deo as Paula & Russell have said .This could lead to a civil litigation for defaming my good name . Secondly , if ATSIC officers had taken the time to phone myself or Cleanthouse & Deo . We would have told them we were reconciling the 92/93 audited accounts which were accepted by ATSIC which were totally wrong and from that we were preparing the 93/94 financial statements . Which was approved by Ngadunggay Homeland Resource Centre Paula Howard was aware of this . I refer to my letter sent to Paula Howard in November 94 and the Auditors