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Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo



Documents - ; Slanderous and defamatory allegations made by Mr Stirling against Mr Cleanthous and Deo

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Tabled paper 1563


Tabled Papers for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




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1. In 1993 the Gapuwiyak Council suggested to the Ngadunggay Homeland Resource Centre Council that the Outstation Health Program should go back to Ngadunggay because the Gapuwiyak Council dont know what is required on outstations . The Gapuwiyak Council wanted to swap the Outstation Health Program for the Ngadunggay Womens Resource Centre . The Gapuwiyak Council thought it would be better for them to run the Womens Resource Centre because it is based in town and outstation people dont really benefit from this project . The Ngadunggay Council agreed to swap , but not until they employed an experienced person in Health financial administration . In September 1995 the Ngadunggay Council employed Lyn Whittington for this position . - 2. On the 8th September 1995 Ngadunggay Homeland Council and Gapuwiyak Community Council had a meeting at the Adult Education Centre and agreed at this meeting to transfer these projects over. There were 6 Gapuwiyak Council members and their Coordinator present at this meeting . 3 . The Ngadunggay Homeland Council proceeded with transferring the Womens Resource Centre assets to the Gapuwiyak Council. Richard Whittington and Collin Tidwell listed the assets that were to be transferred . ATSIC approved the transfer in writing . A letter was later sent to Alfred Yangipuy about the transfer of assets and suggesting Gapuwiyak Council request approval from Human Services & Health to transfer these assets . 4 . On the 31.10.95 Richard Whittington went to the Gapuwiyak Council Office to find out how long it would be before they would be transferring the Outstation Health Assets to Ngadunggay . Richard informed Bobby Wunungmurra Town Clerk and Alfred Yangipuy that a letter would have to be sent to Human Services & Health of the Gapuwiyak Councils intentions . Bobby Wunungmurra asked Alfred Yangipuy if it would be Al right if Richard Whittington could type the letter up on a Gapuwiyak letter head as Collin Tidwell was not in the office . Alfred said they have already agreed to transfer the projects and Bobby agreed . Bobby asked Richard if he would mind doing this because they want to get on with the change over. Richard said as long as it is OK by them he would do i t . Alfred said as soon as it is typed up he would sign it and Collin could send it o ff. Richard typed the letter up and took it back to give to Alfred for him to read and sign if he was satisfied . This letter was signed by Alfred after Collin Tidwell agreed . This letter was signed by the Chairperson of Gapuwiyak Community Council on 1.11.95 informing and sent to Tony Rutter and Tanya Mclnnes of Human Services and Health in Darwin . ' 5. A letter from Human Services & Health was sent to Ngadunggay Homeland Council RE: Applications for Additional Funding for 1995/96 be submitted cjy the 13