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1999 IESIP Review Key Findings dated 4 October 1999



1999 IESIP Review Key Findings dated 4 October 1999

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Page / o f 9 S. In relation to staffing of IESIP-funded positions for 2000, we recommend that 8.1 Aboriginal Education Branch liaise with Operational Support Branch to seek" 8.1.1 urgent publication and cooperative implementation of the NTDE Indigenous Australian Employment and Career Development Plan 1998- 2002 8.1.2 clarification of recruiting options, Including potential to advertise generic project manager positions and select a team of managers on the basis of collective capacity to contribute to the work of the Branch, rather than on a one*by-one basis adjustments to selection procedures to remove priority considerations for surplus officers when recruiting for short term project positions possibilities for guaranteeing right of return to previous positions for officers taking up short term project positions 8.1.3 assistance with the development of position descriptions and JES-ing of new positions 8.1.4 assistance with the development of a process for Identifying, reviewing and clarifying for Indigenous employees, their conditions of service (including tenure) and their entitlements, and ensuring they are met 8.2 Aboriginal Education Branch liaise with Budgets and Financial Reporting Branch to seek reduction In current Treasury on-cost levies. 9, In relation to all current IESIP-funded resources, we recommend that 9.1 they be rationalised and centrally administered by Aboriginal Education Branch 9.2 two financial monitoring and reporting positions be retained for 2000 9.2.1 these positions be attached to IESIP project teams in Aboriginal Education Branch, and be responsible for providing relevant training and support to team colleagues as appropriate 9.2.2 these two positions be phased out by 2001 9.3 the new IESIP project positions created in 2000 be phased to Aboriginal Education Branch core funding beginning with the management positions in the 2000-01 financial year. 1999 IESIP Review Reivmmcndattons to Steering Committee 'r 4/10/1999