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McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust annual plan 2010/2011



McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust annual plan 2010/2011


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Environmental impact statements -- Australia -- McArthur River Region (N.T.)

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Annual Plan 2010-2011 Page 8 of 28 This effort is continuing and is clearly a priority within the community. Ongoing concerns about drug and alcohol abuse remain a fundamental issue to be addressed in order to enable the community to reach its full potential. One of the most significant community infrastructure developments in Borroloola within the past year was the completion of the new Borroloola Swimming Pool Complex. This facility, which opened in late 2009, is operated by the Roper Gulf Shire Council. To date, pool attendance has been lower than anticipated due to a number of factors including: Youth sport developing as a way to promote healthy lifestyle - Cost of entry - Need for adult supervision for younger children - Unavailability of swimming costumes for children. There remains significant potential to improve the use of the pool as a recreational centre and to promote swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle to youth. Sports and recreational facilities continue to be limited. However, the enthusiastic support for a recent international tour by the Borroloola Cyclones soccer team and new initiatives to promote softball are seen as opportunities to improve healthy alternatives for youth. In 2009, the Borroloola Renal Unit opened with the support of MRM sponsorship and development. This is providing in-community treatment for dialysis patients. Additional health service providers available In addition, a second General Practitioner has been engaged by NT Health to practice from the Borroloola Health Clinic. Dr Peter Fitzpatricks appointment supports the work of Dr Steve Betheras who was engaged with the support of MRM sponsorship. It is hoped that the availability of two General Practitioners within the community will improve health services for the community. Borroloola has been identified by the Northern Territory Government as one of 20 Growth Towns and a focus for infrastructure, government and commercial services for the Gulf region. One of the major drivers for the region will be the development of a Local Implementation Plan as part of the Territory Growth Towns initiative. Designation of Borroloola as a growth town leads to improved planning The Implementation Service Delivery Coordination Unit is responsible for this development planning and has commenced a program of consultation in the Borroloola region. The first stage of this plan is the development of an updated and more detailed profile of the region than that previously available through other Government departments. It is anticipated the Local Implementation Plan will focus on actions required to achieve the outcomes targeted by the Territory 2030 Strategy and the Indigenous Economic Development Strategy. With the transfer of responsibilities from the Commonwealth Government to the Northern Territory Government regarding outstation support, clear direction has been set in regards to the future funding arrangements. The impact for some outstations will be that funding will either cease or be reduced. Some outstations have already started to look at economic options to support their communities. Change in funding for outstations will lift demand for support