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McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust annual plan 2010/2011



McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust annual plan 2010/2011


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Environmental impact statements -- Australia -- McArthur River Region (N.T.)

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Annual Plan 2010-2011 Page 10 of 28 4 Community Engagement Activities Consultation is undertaken each year to ensure the priorities outlined in this Plan are in line with community expectations and evolving needs. A draft 20 Year Plan for the MRM Community Benefits Trust was created in 2008 to guide immediate and long term funding priorities. This Plan is continually evolving and has been reviewed and amended to reflect more recent input into the longer term outcomes required by the community. As identified in previous Annual Plans, this current version continues to refine the higher level strategic outcomes identified by the community. The plan aims to help provide a sequence for funding priorities to help the community achieve sustainable improvements and outcomes. The logic is that: if the community knows what it wants to be in 20 years, the things that have to be in place right now to achieve that long term vision can be more easily identified it is better for the Trust to methodically target foundation priority areas in its early years that provide a strong base on which to build, rather than arbitrarily fund a large number of projects that wont make as significant a difference in the long term to the whole region. The consultation process reinforced and confirmed the vision: To Create A Vibrant, Thriving, Healthy Region by 2028 Much of the information provided throughout the consultations indicated that although there are specific activities that the community would like to see established, these activities are generally what could be achieved now within the current capacity of the community. With additional knowledge and information the community could be much better informed in relation to future opportunities which could be considered in future consultations. The community engagement activities undertaken involve: - Regular engagement by the Trust Project Officer with a range of community stakeholders on a monthly basis - Intensive focus group consultation specifically to support the Annual Plan 4.1 Trust Project Officer community engagement In late November 2009, a change of roles occurred with MRM appointing a new Project Officer. Handover activity occurred over December 2009 with the first planned visit to Borroloola occurring in January 2009. Considerable activity has occurred over the preceding 6 months to end June with regular contact maintained by the Project Officer with Traditional Owners, the School, government representatives, local committees or forums and individuals (see list on next page).