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Submission Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Community 084 HALT Healthy Aboriginal Life Team



Submission Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Community 084 HALT Healthy Aboriginal Life Team

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Tabled Paper 409


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Eric Poole


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1. APPENDIX C FACT SHEET THE ABORIGINAL DILEMMA WHAT THE OPINION LEADERS ARE SAYING 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are recognised by all governments and all political parties as being the most disadvantaged group of people in Australia today. This disadvantage is truely tragic: death rates up to 4 times higher than the rest of the community;, life expectancies up to 22 years shorter, infant mortality rates up to 3 times higher and the hospitalisation rates 3-5 times greater."<x> 'The process of reconci1iation may be as important as the final outcome....."< 2 > "..the Royal Commission urge that consideration be given to investigating Aboriginal conceptualisations of the nature and causes of alcohol dependence ..."<3 > "One of the big problems that both agencies and communities complained about was lack of communication."( > ..in formulating management strategies, Aboriginal traditional methods and community initiatives must be given equal status to non Aboriginal medical practice;.."(0) "To examine the development of Aboriginal Affairs administration in Australia in the last 20 years is to trace a rocky road, paved with good intentions."<6 , "...we report the views of Aboriginal people put to us, primarily the argument for the need for Aboriginal Law and white law to work together ..." {-r > "Solutions have to be found by Aboriginal people themselves."(a) "Its got to come from them." <<*> "It depends on the Aboriginal people themselves."(10) "In order to achieve the necessary improvement in Aboriginal health, Aboriginal people believe they must again be able to control their destiny and to accept responsibility for their own decision-making."<ix)