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Submission Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Community 084 HALT Healthy Aboriginal Life Team



Submission Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Community 084 HALT Healthy Aboriginal Life Team

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5. t continue support for and co-operation with other Central Australian agencies which are involved in strategies to address the level of harmful alcohol misuse in the area; * continue interaction with National bodies such as the Australian Council of Alcohol and Other Drug Associations (ACADA) the National Drug and Alcohol Research Council,(NDARC), Menzies School of Health Research, and the Centre for Education and Training in the Addictions (CETA); * participate in National forums such as The Brisbane Winter School in the Sun Conference 2-5 July, and The Australian Association of Brewer's Conference 24 October 1991, and collaborate with Nganampa Health Council at the Window of Opportunity Conference in Adelaide in December; * provide posters, resource material, and training sessions to government agencies and community groups; * develop further education and training materials suitable for use in Community social support projects and in cross-cultural training of outsiders in occupations in Aboriginal communities; including computerized animation of traditional ideograms. 3.4 Planning. This section will propose a strategic plan using Kaufman's (1987) model of three planning levels: The Megs Level: addressing the total community's need as they have been defined by A National Aboriginal Health Strategy and the Recommendations from the Report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. The Mscro Level: addresses community needs from the organizational perspective of HALT. The Micro Level: refers to the detail of the programs and activities that HALT must perform to achieve its macro plan. 3.4.1 The Megs Plsn: to define the direction of developmental responses, and focus on issues within the community; incorporating intersectoral collaboration and the initiatives of the community. Alcohol abuse is recognized by many Aborigianl people and confirmed by the Royal Commission as being the most significant single disruptive factor within the Aboriginal community.