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Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993



Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993

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Tabled Paper 1888


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Marshall Perron


Made available by the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory under Standing Order 240. Where copyright subsists with a third party it remains with the original owner and permission may be required to reuse the material.




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T he N a tio n a l W om en's Forum The N orthern Territory W om en's Advisory Council is rep resen ted on th e N ational W om en's Forum w hich m eets annually . The W om en's Forum com prises the Convenor an d Executive Officer of each S ta te an d T erritory W om en's Advisory or C onsultative Council, together w ith the Convenor, D eputy C onvenor and Executive Officer of the N ational W om en's C onsultative Council. B u sin e ss W om en s C o n su lta tiv e C ouncil An im p o rtan t a rea of econom ic grow th is the increase of en trep ren eu ria l en te rp rise am ong wom en. W omen cu rren tly own one-th ird of A ustra lia 's sm all b u s in e sse s and th a t figure is increasing a t th ree tim es th e ra te of m en. Of the 2 .5 million people w orking in sm all b u s in e sse s in A ustra lia in 1989-90, m ore th a n one million or forty per cen t were w om en. T he M inister for In dustries and D evelopm ent h a s estab lished a B usiness W om en's C onsultative Council, com prising th irteen w om en from u rb a n an d ru ra l N orthern Territory. The Council will provide advice to the M inister on b u s in ess w om en's initiatives and perspectives and the im pact of econom ic developm ent issu es on w om en in b u sin ess . A b o rig in a l A re a s P ro tec tio n A u th o r ity The A boriginal A reas Protection A uthority Board, p u rs u a n t to section 6 of th e Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred S ites A ct 1989, h a s a n equal n u m b e r of five Aboriginal w om en an d five Aboriginal m en who are nom ina ted by the Land C ouncils. The A uthority reflects the trad itiona l b a s is of Aboriginal decision-m aking, an d enab les the A uthority to resp o n d to Aboriginal w om ens concerns.