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Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993



Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993

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Tabled Paper 1888


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Marshall Perron


Made available by the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory under Standing Order 240. Where copyright subsists with a third party it remains with the original owner and permission may be required to reuse the material.




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a ss is ta n ce to hold a w orkshop in D arw in for sexual a s sa u lt w orkers. Policy im plem enta tion b u s in e ss p lan s are cu rren tly being fo rm ulated a t the d is tric t level to incorporate local needs. P a r tic ip a tio n in D ecision M akin g The W om ens H ealth Adviser advises the M inister for H ealth an d C om m unity Services an d the D epartm en t of H ealth an d C om m unity Services on w om en's h ea lth issu es, and facilitates the e s tab lish m en t and evaluation of w om ens h ea lth services an d education program s. The Adviser rep resen ts the N orthern Territory on the A u stra lian H ealth M inisters Advisory Council Sub-com m ittee on W om en and H ealth (AHMAC). D uring 1992, the Sub-com m ittee m et in D arw in in con junction w ith a N orthern Territory W om en's W orkshop W om en's B usiness. The W orkshop w as a ttended by over sixty p a rtic ip an ts rep resen tin g all regions in the Territory. In te g ra tio n o f S e rv ic e s T hree C om m unity Care C entres opened in F eb ruary 1993 an d are located in Darwin. C asu a rin a and Palm erston. The C om m unity Care C en tres m erged health , welfare services, the W om en's Inform ation C entre an d the D isabled Persons B ureau to co-locate clinical, inform ation, referral, counselling, h ea lth prom otion an d su p p o rt services. W om en's h ea lth services are a d iscrete com ponent, w ith com m unity consu lta tion facilitating the developm ent of services m ore responsive to w om en's needs. D istrict in itiatives include the holding of a W om ens H ealth W orkshop by the D arw in R ural D istrict in Ju ly and the se tting u p of a W om en's H ealth Advisory G roup in the D arw in U rban D istrict.