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Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993



Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993

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Tabled Paper 1888


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Marshall Perron


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C entre in C entra l A ustralia , to ad m in iste r the T itjikala H ealthy Food project. Initially the project w as to provide one ho t m eal a day for in fan ts from 0-5 years of age and for the elderly. E xpansion of th e p ro ject to include school aged child ren and o th er a sp ec ts of family life, su c h as child care, is u n d e r consideration . F a m ily P la n n in g P rogram Fam ily P lanning N orthern Territory is a com m unity-based , in d ependen t, non-profit m aking o rgan isation w hich provides a com prehensive range of educational, clinical an d counselling services in sexual an d reproductive h ea lth , a s well a s professional tra in ing an d research . The services are funded by the Com m onw ealth D epartm en t of H ealth, H ousing an d C om m unity Services, w ith the N orthern T erritory D ep artm en t of H ealth an d C om m unity Services providing som e operational funding. Fam ily P lanning coord inates the Y outh Link Program w hich provides young people w ith increased access to inform ation ab o u t reproductive and sexual health . F und ing a ss is tan ce for th is p rogram h a s been provided by the N orthern Territory N ational W om ens H ealth Program . F und ing h as also been m ade available to employ a video an d resou rce p roduction coord inato r to produce a series of videos, for b o th tra in in g an d general com m unity education on pap sm ears, b re a s t exam ination an d sexually tran sm itted diseases. M en zies S ch o o l o f H ea lth The M enzies School of H ealth R esearch w as estab lished in 1985 to ad d re ss the h ea lth problem s of n o rth e rn an d cen tra l A ustra lia . Its w ork on ch lam ydia (the m icro organism w hich cau ses pelvic inflam m atory disease) is of p a rticu la r relevance to wom en.