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Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993



Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993

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Tabled Paper 1888


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Marshall Perron


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In April 1993 a g ran t of $20 000 w as approved by the M inister for H ealth an d C om m unity Services for con tinued resea rch in to detecting the sexually tran sm itted d iseases, ch lam ydia and gonorrhoea. The first p h ase of the project, in w hich one h u n d red people were tested , h a s been com pleted and analysis of the re su lts is now underw ay. The second p h ase includes screen ing people in the w ider com m unity an d analysing th e techn ique 's effectiveness in d isease detection. O ther w ork includes a project relating to Aboriginal new borns an d to two year old an d four year old m ortality, m orbidity, grow th an d developm ent. A vital p a r t of the U nit's activities is educa tion and includes developing links betw een the School and Aboriginal people, especially in the developm ent of cu ltu ra lly appropria te m ateria ls on re sea rch projects. T hese m ateria ls are often used for h e a lth education an d w om en's bu sin ess in Aboriginal com m unities. O ne of the m ost im p o rtan t aim s of the Aboriginal U nit is to provide opportun ities for tra in ing and education . M ost of th e staff of th is U nit a re w om en and. a s p a rt of a p lanned tra in ing schem e, all a re gain ing qualifications in health , education , general stud ies, b u s in e ss an d o ther a reas . H om e a n d C om m u n ity C are P rogram Home and C om m unity Care (HACC) is a program jo in tly funded by th e N orthern T erritory and Com m onw ealth G overnm ents. It provides fund ing for services to the frail aged and to som e people w ith d isabilities. The program a ss is ts people who are a t risk of p rem atu re adm ission to in s titu tio n a l care to rem ain in the ir own hom es and com m unities. B ecause of w om en's longer life expectancy, they are the m ajority of HACC clients, and also the m ajority of carers. S uppo rt to fam ilies an d o thers