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Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993



Report Initiatives for Women in the Northern Territory 1983-1993

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Tabled Paper 1888


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Marshall Perron


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In 1992 NTU offered the course Life Skills for Sole P aren ts . T his course , ru n by ITAFE's School of V ocational an d Access S tud ies, offered sk ills to a s s is t w om en's self-confidence and re-em ploym ent. It covered au to m etre m ain ten an ce , app liance safety and m ain tenance , h o u se m ain ten an ce , p lum bing m ain ten an ce an d life skills. H ig h er E d u c a tio n E q u ity P rogram The U niversity received funding th rough the C om m onw ealth H igher E d u ca tio n E quity Program th a t enabled p ro jects w ith a p a rticu la r im pact on w om en to be in itiated in D arw in an d acro ss the Territory. T hese include a G eneral N urse R efresher C ourse for n u rse s who requ ire skills upgrade to gain re-reg istra tion . The C ourse a lso provides a knowledge of h igher educa tion requ irem ents. The Program offers Bridging C ourses to in troduce reg istered n u rse s an d p re-reg istra tion s tu d e n ts to N ursing S tud ies. C hem istry an d Physics for n u rse s are offered to prospective p re-reg is tra tion s tu d e n ts . The H igher E duca tion E quity Program offers ex ternal u n its for Rem ote A rea N ursing an d T rans C u ltu ra l Nursing. B atchelo r College con tinues to offer the D iplom a in H ealth S tu d ies program , w hich is designed to give Aboriginal h e a lth w orkers th e oppo rtun ity to enhance th e ir qualifications. The program is the equ ivalen t of th ree years of h igher education . C ou rses f o r T ra d esw o m en The T rades W omen on th e Move (TWOM) program is jo in tly funded by the N orthern T erritory D epartm en t of E ducation and the C om m onw ealth D ep artm en t of Em ploym ent, E ducation an d Training. The p rogram