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Programme Browns Mart Community Arts Inc 21st Birthday Saturday 2 October 1993



Programme Browns Mart Community Arts Inc 21st Birthday Saturday 2 October 1993

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These workshop "graduates" first performed for the Endangered Species Mixtures where the name "Kulay Lupa" was first used. Kulay Lupa translates to Color of the Earth. Performances followed as more interested community artists joined the group. Likewise, the group's performance repertoire grew. By December 1991, Kulay Lupa produced a one- hour showcase at Brown's Mart Theatre. Since then, the group has performed for Filipino functions, the Beaufort and Melia Hotel, Bougainvillea, Concours D'Elegance at the Casino Lawn, Arafura Opening Ceremony, Diablo, Keep Him My Heart, and are "regulars" at Mixtures, amongst other activities. Today Kulay Lupa will perform the Sinulog. One of the old traditions in the Visayas Region of the Philippines is praying to the animist spirits through a simple shuffling "dance". With the coming of the Spanish Colonisers and the introduction of the Christian faith, these religious practices were adapted into the Christian tradition and have since been practiced in certain areas in the Visayas. In recent years, this practice has been magnified into huge street procession/festivals that coincide with the celebration of provincial feast days. As an offering to its 21st birthday and as a token of appreciation for the fruitful and interactive relationship it has had with Brown's Mart, Kulay Lupa with some other Filipinos will hold a simple Sinulog for the big day of celebration. "Sinulog" means "offered" and the phrase to be shouted out to the heavens will be; "Pit Senyor! Sa Brown's Mart kini! This means "We call on you, O Master, our prayers are for Brown's Mart". LAFAEK - EAST TIMORESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION In 1984 East Timorese migrants sought advice on staging techniques. As a result, Brown's Mart Community Arts and Darwin Theatre Company provided assistance for Lafaek's first bi-lingual play "Simply Mother" in 1985. Since then, Lafaek's achievements, in conjunction with or supported by Brown's Mart, include: "Death at Balibo" (produced by D.T.C. 1988), "Encontro Cultural" (Cultural Encounter, 1988), "Women's Own Work" productions, Mixtures, and workshops with musician-in-residence Ken Hutton. Many individuals were involved in 'Drummin' Up Darwin', and Lafaek performers have engaged in ongoing cultural exchange with other communities, especially the Papua New Guinean troupe. Lafaek's radio play "Spirits Pray Freedom", won the best drama program at the Community Broadcasters Conference in 1992. Lafaek means Crocodile. The group uses a number of artforms (music, drama, poetry, arts and crafts) in both traditional and contemporary forms to express their East Timorese identity. Since forming in 1984 the group has been under the direction of poet and playwright Maria Alice Branco. The group will present dances of celebrations today, "Tebe Day" (women drumming by the women, and the girls) and "Bidu" (by both men and women) - to the "singing poetry" of their drums. BIG AND LITTLE VOICE CHOIR, BELLA LINGUA CHOIR & BRONWYN CALCUTT The Big and Little Voice Choir has evolved from a series of workshops directed by performance artist Bronwyn Calcutt. Over the last two years the objective of these workshops has been to enable inexperienced singers to discover and open their natural voices, to be exposed to a variety of musical styles from many cultures, and to gain confidence to sing in performance situations. Combinations of this choir have performed at Mixtures, Tracks & Clusters, and in the 'Disenchantment' production last year. This current work is the result of collaboration with Greg Sheehan and Bronwyn Calcutt, combining choral and rhythmic elements for today's overall performance feast. Bella Lingua Choir was founded during the Darwin 'ftieatre Company's recent production of 'Emma'. The choir is directed by Bronwyn Calcutt and is formed around a powerful core of Italian women augmented by members from the rest of the Darwin community. This all-women choir draws its material from traditional Italian folksongs and is accompanied by accordion and guitar. Bronwyn Calcutt has been associated with Brown's Mart Community Arts for the last ten years, having joined "Kids Convoy" for two successive years (1985 & 1986), worked as designer and musician for Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre and most recently, focused on touring to communities and the development of performing choirs. Her own production "Disenchantment" returns to Brown's Mart this October, incorporating the voices of the Big and Little Voice Choir.