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Programme Browns Mart Community Arts Inc 21st Birthday Saturday 2 October 1993



Programme Browns Mart Community Arts Inc 21st Birthday Saturday 2 October 1993

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LARRAKIA ASSOCIATION Today on behalf of our Larrakia people, Gunluckii Nimul, Arjibuk and Gunnawalli will perform a dance and fire lighting ceremony in tribute to our Motherland, our people and the spirits that guide us through hard times and new ways. We welcome you today and say happy birthday to Brown's Mart and thank you for their assistance and encouragement in helping Aboriginal people take their stories, dances and thoughts to stage. PAPUA NEW GUINEA DANCERS The Papua New Guinea dancers are a group of young people from the PNG community of Darwin. They include overseas PNG students who are studying at the NT University. These dancers are also members of the Papua New Guinea - Australia Social and Cultural Group, the principal organization for the PNG community in Darwin. They regularly participate in cultural events in Darwin including celebrations associated with major sporting events, Bougainvillea Festival, and, since the formation of the Association and the PNG Ethnic School in 1983, in a number of activities centred on Brown's Mart, including Mixtures. The three dances being presented today are: A Stick dance from Central Province of Papua tells of fishing, a major subsistence activity of the coastal people. Naleo is a dance about leaving the old ways and taking on the new ways. Koe is a Papuan dance about marriage and bride price. The girl's family is bringing her forward to be received by the boy's family. It is also danced to celebrate the yam harvest. DARWIN DANCE MOB '21 Today' brings together the energies of the Darwin Dance Mob and Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre. In a celebration of dance exploring the many meanings of "21" various groups have explored the journey from birth through to the coming of age and celebrate the discovery of life, rituals, family and birthdays. The Darwin Dance Mob is part of the community dance program at Brown's Mart and was started in 1978 by Maggi Phillips. Over the years the Darwin Dance Mob have been involved in many performance events including Missing Persons Barry S. Nikov, May Day, Mixtures at the Mart, Bougainvillea Festival, Dance On Darwin, Dancing Tapestries, Storm Festival, Thru Moves, Tracks & Clusters, Arafura Sports Festival, Open House and The Gathering Ground. Through the Darwin Dance Mob a number of workshops are offered, catering for people aged between 6 - 74, and aiming to explore modem dance, and dance making, to develop work relevant to the participants and the community they live in. Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre is also one of Brown's Mart's major program areas. "21 Today" involves two workshop groups of C.I.Y.T. which have a strong focus on dance. C.I.Y.T. and the Dance Program have had a long history of working together, sharing skills firstly through Maggi Phillips then Marita Smith, Sarah Calver and David McMicken. "21 Today", a celebration of dance, is devised by the following groups and their tutors/choreographers: The Darwin Dance Mob Adult Group David McMicken & Sarah Calver The Darwin Dance Mob Kids Group Sarah Calver & Johanna Clancy Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre - Dance Theatre Group: Sarah Calver Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre - Artability Group: Berenice Franklin & Johanna Clancy The Darwin Dance Mob Older Adult Group: Sarah Calver LOCAL TROUPE Since 1989 a small troupe of local professional dancers/choreographers have met regularly to share and create new work for performance including: Dance Day, Fringe Festival, Blue Stocking Week, Mixtures, Dancing Tapestries, North of the Border, Flying Off The Edge, Open House, Gathering Ground and Land (a performance season Nov - 1993 at Brown's Mart). In celebration o f Brown's Mart's 21 years the Local Troupe has been working with Greg Sheehan - Musician-in- Residence, creating dance highlighting various rhythmic patterns. Integrating music and dance in this way has been challenging and fun for the troupe and can be seen at various times throughout the afternoon and evening. 4