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Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy



Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy

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Labour Market Figure 3.3 shows the change in Territory and national em ploym ent levels since December 1990. Movements above the zero line re p re se n t an in c re ase in employment relative to December 1990, and vice versa . It is apparen t from Figure 3.3 that the present employment growth in the national labour m arket reflects the turnaround in other areas of the economy, with growth coming from a low base fo llow ing em ploym ent loss during the recession. Conversely, the T e rrito ry lab o u r m ark e t rem a in ed relatively strong throughout the national recession and did not suffer the protracted period o f employment loss experienced at the national level. Employment by industry data in Table 3.1 show a number o f significant differences between the Territory and Australia in the proportion o f people employed in each sector. R ecreation and Tourism , and P ub lic A d m in is tra tio n and D efence account for proportionately more people em p loyed in the T e rrito ry , w h ile m a n u fa c tu r in g a c co u n te d fo r a s ig n if ic a n tly sm a lle r p ro p o rtio n o f Territory employment. Unemployment The average unemployment rate in the Territory for the twelve months to March 1994 was 7.5% , a decline from 7.9% recorded a year earlier. National data also show a slight decline from 10.9% to 10.8%. Figure 3.3 Employment (change since D ecem ber 1990) Source: ABS Cat. No. 6202.0 Table 3.1 Employed Wage and Salary Earners NT Aust Industry % % Community Services 28.1 23.7 W holesale & Retail 16.6 20.4 Recreation & Tourism 11.4 7.7 Public Admin. & Defence 10.8 5.8 Finance 10.3 13.0 Construction 8.7 4.5 Transport & Communications 5.1 6.4 M ining 3.7 1.2 M anufacturing 3.6 15.4 U tilities 1.7 1.6 Source: ABS Cat. No. 6248.0