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Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy



Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy

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Tabled Paper 2156


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Barry Coulter


Made available by the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory under Standing Order 240. Where copyright subsists with a third party it remains with the original owner and permission may be required to reuse the material.




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List of Figures 1.1: N orthern Territory Population 1 1.2: Population G row th R ates 2 1.3: N orthern Territory C om ponents o f Population G row th 3 1.4: Age D istribution o f Population 4 2.1: G ross State Product by Industry Sector 7 2.2: N orthern Territory G ross State Product 8 2.3: E xpenditure as a Proportion o f GSP 9 2.4: N orthern Territory Real G ross State P roduct and Oil Production 10 2.5: N orthern Territory Real F inal D em and 11 3.1: Em ploym ent Trends 15 3.2: Em ploym ent G row th 16 3.3: Em ploym ent 17 3.4: U nem ploym ent Rates 18 3.5: N orthern Territory L abour Force 19 4.1: C onsum er Price Inflation 21 4.2: C ontribu tion to C hange in CPI 22 4.3: Average W eekly Total E arnings 23 4.4: Real Average W eekly Total E arnings 24 5.1: C om m ercial Property Vacancy Rates 27 5.2: C om m ercial F inance 28 5.3: B ankruptcies 29 6.1: N orthern Territory In ternational Trade 31 6.2: M ajor Traded C om m odities 33 7.1: Real G row th Rates since 1983 37 8.1: N orthern Territory M ining Sector P roduction 41 8.2: N orthern Territory M ining P roduction 44 8.3: N orthern Territory M ining Exploration 45 8.4: N orthern Territory Energy P roduction 47 9.1: N orthern Territory V isitor N ights by Type o f A ccom m odation 49 9.2: V isitors to M ajor N orthern Territory Parks 52 10.1: N orthern Territory Rural Industries and F isheries P roduction 55 10.2: N orthern Territory C attle and B uffalo Production 57 10.3: N orthern Territory H orticulture Production 59 10.4: N orthern Territory Fishing Production 61 11.1: N orthern Territory R esidential B uilding 64 11.2: N orthern Territory R esidential Property Sales 65 11.3: House Price Index 6 6