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Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy



Budget Paper 1994-95 No.6 Northern Territory Economy

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Wholesale and Retail Trade The wholesale and retail trade sector includes purchases o f merchandise by distributors and final purchases o f goods by consum ers. Although this sectors share o f the Territory economy is not as significant as in the States (see Table 13.1), it is the third largest sector in the Territory economy and employs almost 20% o f Territory wage and salary earners. Retail turnover in the Territory has shown consistent grow th despite the im pact felt elsewhere during the recent recession. Retail Trade In the twelve months to January 1994 Northern Territory nominal retail turnover increased by 6.0% (to $1 110 million). Turnover in the food stores, liquor stores and licensed clubs categories grew by 5.8% while turnover in all other establishm ents increased 6.4%. Figure 13.1 N o rth e rn T e rr ito ry R e ta il T u rn o v e r $ million 1988/89 1989/90 1990/91 1991/92 1992/93 1993/94* Source: ABS A U S S T A T S ____________ ______________________________________________________________* NT Treasury estim ate 7 3 Table 13.1 W h o lesa le a n d R e ta il T ra d e % o f GDP Queensland 15.0 New South Wales 15.0 Tasm ania 14.5 Victoria 13.9 South Australia 13.8 W estern Australia 12.6 N o rth e rn T e r r i to ry 12.5 Australian Capital Territory 9.7 A u s tra l ia 14.2 Source: ABS Cat. No. 5220.0, 1991/92