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Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs



Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs

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Tabled Paper 796


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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4.1 SPORT DEVELOPMENT T his U n it resources o rgan isa tions th rough the S po rt and R ecrea tion G ran ts-in -A id S chem e, p rov ides specia lised p ro fessiona l assistance th rough the em p loym en t o f an A d m in istra to r-in -R esid en ce and F acilities A dv iser, adm in is te rs the V acation C are P rogram on b eh a lf o f the C o m m onw ealth G overnm en t and addresses po licy issues re la ting to spo rt d ev e lopm en t th roughou t the N orthern T errito ry . ** H IG H LIG H TS** G rants-in-A id to the value of $ 4.7M provided to 162 spo rt & recreation organisations. Com pletion of m ajo r facilities a t M a rra ra Sporting Complex. T errito ry athletes achieve national selection. OBJECTIVES T o prov ide fac ilities o f an app rop ria te stand ard fo r all sports in the N orthern T errito ry . T o im prove the level o f sports adm in is tra tion in the N orthern T errito ry . T o im prove the standards o f a th le tes /co m pe tito rs and sporting offic ia ls in the N orthern T errito ry . T o eva lua te the effec tiveness o f the G ran ts- in -A id S chem e and m ake changes as ap p ro priate. ACHIEVEMENTS In line w ith the above ob jec tives th e U n it has achieved : Facilities Development: T he S ports and R ecreational D ev e lo p m en t T rust F und expend itu re fo r fac ilities d ev e lopm en t in 1990/91 w as in excess o f $2 .2M . C om bined w ith a llocations app rop ria ted from the N orthern T e r rito ry C apita l W orks P rogram the fo llow ing w ere ach ieved: T he co m ple tion o f the $6 .9 M M a rra ra O u td o o r S ta d iu m . T h e G ra n d s ta n d , capab le o f sea ting in excess o f 4 600 , is a lready being h a iled as th e p rem ie r ou tdoo r sp o rtin g an d e n te r ta in m en t v en u e in the N orthern T errito ry . 10