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Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs



Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs

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Tabled Paper 796


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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5.1 SPORT AND RECREATIONAL PERFORMANCE T he un it p rov ides a ran g e o f serv ices inc lud ing the C oach -in -R esid en ce S chem e, E d u ca tio n P rogram s, F itness T esting , S ports and C oaches S cho larsh ips, N T S po rts A w ards, S ports A dm in istra tio n C en tre and the Sports E xce llence P rogram . ** H IG H LIG H TS ** * New NT Coaching Scholarship Scheme introduced. * Expansion of the NT Sports Scholarship Scheme. * 23 athletes receive $38 500 in individual grants. * NT Sports Development Unit established. * Fitness Testing Unit upgraded. OBJECTIVES * T o ass is t p a rtic ip an ts in th e ir p u rsu it o f excellence . * T o p ro v id e an d d e v e lo p an in fo rm a tio n s e rv ic e to a ll s p o r tin g a n d re c re a tio n a l o rgan isa tions, coaches, a th le tes , and in ter e sted persons. * T o adm in is te r and p rom o te the N T Sports A w ards. * T o p ro v id e a c o a c h /in s tru c to r ed u ca tio n program to assist w ith the upgrad ing o f co ach ing skills. * T o upgrade th e level o f ad m in is tra tion in sporting and recrea tional o rgan isa tions. * T o p rov ide co ach ing and tra in ing expertise fo r sport and rec rea tion organ isa tions. * T o p ro v id e f in a n c ia l a s s is ta n c e to h ig h p e rfo rm ance ath le tes w ho h av e dem onstra ted o u ts tand ing p erfo rm an ce in th e ir respec tive fie lds. * T o p rov ide a co m p reh en siv e fie ld assessm en t to all N T spo rting o rgan isa tions. ACHIEVEMENTS In lin e w ith th e se o b je c tiv e s , th e U n it has ach ieved: S ports Resource C entre T h e Sports R esou rce C en tre is con tinu ing to e x p an d and estab lish a co llec tio n o f m ateria ls on sp o rt and rec rea tio n to p ics such as research lite ra tu re , jo u rn a ls , books, v ideos , posters and teach in g aids. A m onth ly listing is now p rep ared fo r all reg ions to k eep them in fo rm ed on w h a t is availab le th ro u g h the cen tre . T he recen tly estab lished loan se rv ice has in c rea sed u sag e o f th e re so u rce cen tre by the com m un ity , studen ts and physica l ed u ca to rs fo r research and ed u ca tio n a l purposes. NT Sports A w ards T h e N o rth e rn T e rr i to ry S p o rts A w ard s are com m u n ity based aw ards, desig n ed to p rov ide p u b lic recogn ition to N orthern T errito ry ath le tes , team s, coaches and sports ad m in is tra to rs fo r h ig h ach ievem en t in sport. T h e A w ards are co -o rd in a ted each y ear by the N T S ports A w ard s C o m m ittee con sis tin g o f r e p r e s e n ta t iv e s in v o lv e d in m e d ia , sp o r ts adm in is tra tio n as w ell as spo rts personalities and sponsors. 18