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Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs



Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs

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Tabled Paper 796


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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5.2 JUNIOR SPORT DEVELOPMENT T he Ju n io r S port D eve lopm en t U n it (JS D U ) is th e N o rth e rn T errito ry co m p o n en t o f a na tional in itia tive o f the A ustra lian Sports C om m iss ion , to im prove th e q ua lity o f sport fo r young A ustra lians aged 7-18 years , th rough the A ussie S po rt p rog ram . T h is p ro g ram aim s to develop and fo s te r a S po rt fo r A ll e thos at th e com m un ity level by en cou rag ing , suppo rting and develop ing th e A ussie S port p rogram s. T hese p rog ram s p rov ide yo u n g peo p le in all co m m un ities w ith g rea te r oppo rtun ities fo r sports partic ipation . fo r Y ou th . T h ese are m ade up o f the fo llow ing program s F o r C h ild ren (7 -12 years) - m o d ified sport - teach e r in -serv ices - A ussie S po rt E xpos - in teg ra ting ch ild ren w ith d isab ilities - S po rtsfun (A fter schoo l e lem ents) Y ou th S po rt (13-18 years) - S po rtsfun (leadersh ip e lem en ts) - C ha llenge , A ch ievem ents and P athw ays in S po rt (C A P S ) - A ctive G irls C am paign ** H IG H LIG H TS** * Ju n io r Sport Development U nit M anagem ent Com m ittee established * Sportsfun units established in four T errito ry centres * T hirteen sports adopt Challenge, Achievement and Pathw ays in Sport (CAPS) program OBJECTIVES T o p rov ide all ch ild ren w ith the oppo rtun ity to partic ipa te in app rop ria te sporting ac tiv ities. T o im prove th e qua lity , quan tity an d variety o f s p o r t in g a c t iv i t ie s a v a i la b le to y o u n g A ustralians. T o encou rage p a rtic ipa tion and sk ill d ev e lo p m en t in a v a rie ty o f sports. T o red u ce th e em phasis o f w in a t a ll co s ts and p ro m o te th e p r in c ip le s o f g o o d s p o r t in g behaviour. T o im prove the quality o f sports in struction availab le to A ustra lian children . Aussie Sport T he A ussie S po rt p ro g ram has tw o com ponen ts - A ussie S po rt fo r C h ild ren and A ussie S port M anagem ent Com m ittee A Ju n io r S po rt D eve lopm en t U n it M anagem ent C o m m itte e w as e s ta b lish e d to o v e rse e th e d e v e lo p m e n t o f ju n io r sp o rt th ro u g h o u t the N orthern T errito ry . T he com m ittee is com prised o f rep resen ta tiv es from the O ffice , D epartm en t o f E duca tion , N T S choo ls S ports C ouncils and com m un ity sporting o rgan isa tions. A m ajo r undertak in g by the com m ittee is th e w riting o f a d ra ft po licy fo r ju n io r sport in the N orthern T errito ry . ACHIEVEMENTS In line w ith the sta ted ob jec tives , the JS D U has ach ieved: Aussie Sport fo r C hildren. M odified Sport M odified sports are p rom o ted in schoo ls and co m m u n ity spo rting c lubs and allow ch ild ren to 22