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Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs



Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs

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Tabled Paper 796


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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ACHIEVEMENTS: re s e a rc h , a c c re d i ta t io n o f in te rp re te rs an d t r a n s la t o r s , a n d n o n -E n g li s h s p e a k in g background w o m en s issues. ** H IG H LIG H TS ** * R eport on evaluating and meeting the language service needs for the tourism and export industries of the NT published. * Bilingual tou r guide courses con d u c te d in D a rw in a n d A lice Springs. * Overseas Qualifications Unit con tinues to support overseas tra ined professionals. * In troduction of a new Com m unity Relations Program . In line w ith these ob jec tives the O ffice has ach ieved : Policy Advice on Im m igration, M ulticultural and E thnic Affairs T he o ffice p a rtic ip a ted in the O ffic ia ls and M in is te rs C o n fe re n c e on im m ig ra tio n and e th n ic a f fa irs an d c o n v e n e d th e fo llo w in g C om m ittees: - N T R eference G roup from th e B ureau o f Im m ig ra tion R esearch (B IR ). - C o m m u n ity R e la tio n s P ro je c t A d v iso ry C om m ittee . - N T Im m ig ran t W o m en s W ork ing G roup. T here w as invo lvem en t in various com m ittees d e a l in g w ith t r a in in g , c o u r s e s , s tu d e n t exchange, A rafu ra S ports F estiva l, se ttlem ent p la n n in g , w o m e n s e m p lo y m e n t s t r a te g y , Policy Development and Implementation R egu lar d iscussions w ere held w ith re levan t N T G o v e rn m e n t D e p a r tm e n ts r e g a r d in g changes an d o ther u p d a tes to N T im m igration policies. Access, Participation, Economic Enhancement Program s T his p rog ram area included: NT In te rp re te r an d T ran sla to r Services (NTITS) T his serv ice aim s to im prove access by non- E ng lish speak in g b ack g ro u n d people to N T G o v e rn m en t p ro g ram s and services. I t a lso a im s to p ro v id e an e f f ic ie n t and e ffe c tiv e on-site in terp re ting and translation service in the N orthern T errito ry . N TITS p rov ides free on-site interpreting and transla ting serv ices to a ll N orthern T errito ry G o v e rn m e n t D e p a r tm e n ts , in p a rtic u la r to courts , schoo ls , p o lice , hosp ita l, health care units and com m un ity agencies. These serv ices a re a lso p ro v id ed o n a u ser-pays b a s is to private individuals, C om m onw ealth D epartm ents and the business sector. B ilingual tour gu ides a re also availab le . T here are 170 in terp re ters and translators in 36 languages reg is te red w ith N TITS, 78 are accred ited a t levels 1, 2 o r 3 w ith the N ational A cc red ita tio n A u th o rity fo r T ranslators and In terpreters (N A A T I). L evel 3 and 4 in tersta te in terpre ters and tran sla to rs are registered w ith the service. N T IT S has access to approxim ately 80 tra ined b ilingual/m u ltilingual tour gu ides in D arw in an d A lice Springs. N TITS b ranches in A lice Springs, K atherine and N hu lunbuy o pera te through the O ffic e s R egional O fficers. 31