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Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs



Annual Report 1990-1991 Office of Sport Recreation and Ethnic Affairs

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Tabled Paper 796


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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m asters aged com petito rs, reg ard less o f th e ir ability . T o encourage m asters aged sports m en and w om en to partic ipate in th e H onda C en tra l A ustra lian M asters G am es. T o espouse the Sport fo r L ife p h ilo so phy. T o in c re a se th e a w a re n e ss o f A lic e S prings and the N orthern T errito ry as a p re m ie r d e s tin a tio n fo r a sp o r tin g holiday . T o seek invo lvem en t o f C o rpo ra te spon sors and the genera l com m un ity in the runn ing o f the G am es at bo th a financia l and vo lun teer level. ACHIEVEMENTS In line w ith the stated ob jectives the fo llow ing w as ach ieved : T he 1990 H onda C en tra l A ustra lian M asters G am es em braced a to tal o f 27 sports. C o m p e ti to rs ran g ed in age from 25 years (sw im m ing) th ro u g h to 85 y e a rs (sw im m in g , a th le tic s , tria th lon and golf). T he G am es w ere a ttended by com petito rs o f all levels o f ab ility , w ith m any using the G am es as a re tu rn to com petition and an ac tive lifesty le . P rom o tion strateg ies w ere em ployed to en co u r age po ten tia l com petito rs to v isit A lice S prings and jo in in th e G am es. T he success o f these p ro m o tio n s can b e m e a s u re d b y th e 51% increase in sports nom inations from the 1988 G am es. A lice Springs is w ide ly prom oted by th e H onda C entral A ustra lian M asters Games as a tow n con ta in ing very h ig h standard sports facilities. A s a re su lt, th e c o rp o ra te sector has taken ad v an tag e o f th e fa c ilitie s and inco rpo ra ted sporting ac tiv ities in to its conference package. C orpo ra te S p o n so rsh ip fo r the 1990 G am es exceeded $370 000. T he G am es receive w ide spread support from the com m unity o f A lice Springs w ho recogn ise the im portance o f the event, on both a financia l and social level. In excess o f 300 vo lun teers assisted in m ak ing the G am es a success. T he G am es h av e s in ce undergone a n am e change to the H onda M asters Games, Alice Springs. T his w ill a llow fo r more em phasis to be p laced on the p rinc ipa l sponsor H onda (w ho has com m itted its support) and identifies the location o f the even t as A lice Springs. The success o f the G am es can be m easured by a num ber o f indicators: * S p o rts n o m in a tio n s increased 51% o v e r 1988. * A n add itional 1 000 visitors accom panied com petito rs. * In excess o f $2M w as expended directly into A lice S prings du ring the Games. * A n ev a lu a tio n su rv ey ind icated 9 8 % o f the com petito rs expressed a high leve l o f satisfaction . * O v er 73% o f co m petito rs indicated th e ir in ten tion to re tu rn fo r the 1991 G am es.