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03 vs AIDS The Abbreviated History and Suppression of Ozone Therapy in the United States as of August 1993 or A Proven Documented and Successful Treatment for AIDS and Other Diseases Meets the International Wall



03 vs AIDS The Abbreviated History and Suppression of Ozone Therapy in the United States as of August 1993 or A Proven Documented and Successful Treatment for AIDS and Other Diseases Meets the International Wall

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Tabled Paper 2148


Tabled Papers for 6th Assembly 1990 - 1994; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Denis Collins


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S U M M A R Y For now, the oxygen wars continue unabated. The shameful murderous politics and non responses of our medical system are so blatant that even the most unaware are hard pressed to believe we are simply facing a whole bunch of coincidental ignorance and errors. Government, media, and medical bigwigs as a whole continue to "strangely" ignore or disparage the over fifty years history of millions of applications of safe, non-toxic ozone therapy, and, in fact, continue to actively use S.W.A.T. teams, the FDA, the DEA, the IRS, and jail terms to suppress any further medical ozone research. People suffer tragically and die needlessly, millions have their hearts and lives slowly destroyed watching their significant others waste away. Rumors circulate on national talk shows about planned genocide for population control purposes. Due to outright hostility, suppression, or at least non-response by our authorities, desperate people who are facing no alternative to their eventual death from AIDS, cancer or other killers are being forced into the unregulated "ozone underground." In any medical underground, where a therapy is not officially sanctioned or publicly known, mixed in along with a few shining humanitarians will always be con artists, scams, repression, and yellow journalism. You and your family deserve better than this. As we saw, the U.S. Office Of Technology Assessment says that 95% of all the drugs on the market have not been proven to work. Keeping that statistic in mind, does this mean that - since ozone has been proven to work well on the international scene for over 50 years - then medical ozone is therefore proven more effective than 95% of our commonly used "approved" remedies? There are approved drugs for AIDS: AZT and DDI. AZT is "highly toxic" according to the newspapers, and DDI is being given to AIDS patients even though they never finished testing it. In light of the extreme threat to the public health from AIDS - perhaps up to 40+ million people scheduled to die as of today, perhaps including you or a loved one, and in light of all the aforementioned doctors reporting patients coming up safely HIV negative due to medical ozone, shouldnt ozone therapy be immediately investigated, announced on the news, and put into official service? According to the government, by the year 2000 one out of one will have cancer at some time in their lives. Dr. Robert Strecker estimates 20 million now have AIDS, and that the number doubles every two years, maximum. This means by the year 2000 every single U.S. citizen is projected to have AIDS. And then there are the new unknown diseases coming up. How long can you continue siding with the old ways before its your turn at the undertakers cart? Its obvious as the bodies fall around us that the old ways dont work. Ozone is the proven potential savior of humanity. So, before you didnt know, and now you DO know about ozone. Therefore, the balls in your court. Its your choice, either end up living, or continue to ignore the problem until you or someone you love slowly suffers and dies tragically from one of these diseases. 40

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