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03 vs AIDS The Abbreviated History and Suppression of Ozone Therapy in the United States as of August 1993 or A Proven Documented and Successful Treatment for AIDS and Other Diseases Meets the International Wall



03 vs AIDS The Abbreviated History and Suppression of Ozone Therapy in the United States as of August 1993 or A Proven Documented and Successful Treatment for AIDS and Other Diseases Meets the International Wall

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Pre W ar Before the second World War the spotlight on the medical usage of ozone moved to Europe, to Switzerland, Italy, France, and most notably Germany. Each country had many medical ozone institutes treating thousands of patients yearly. W orld W ar II In Germany, ozone grew in prominence until Allied bombers completely destroyed all the ozone clinics, their records, and many of the ozone using doctors. A vast living storehouse of knowledge of medical ozone was destroyed. For some mysterious reason, all the medical ozone institutes physically surrounding the IG Farben drug works were bombed into oblivion, some even 50 miles outside of Berlin. However, the IG Farben drug - works itself was never touched or damaged by a single Allied bomb. It even housed the Allied headquarters during the occupation of Germany. Before the war, the German "Journal of Chemical Arts" featured three pages of citations about oxidation, ozone, & the fantastic results being reported. Before the war, allopathic (what the masses now call doctoring) drug therapy only had a few lines. After the war it only contained two lines on oxygen therapies, and three to five pages extolling the accomplishments of the "great" IG Farben drug works. Comment: How many businessmen today wish they could bomb their competition out of existence? Historian Eustice Mullins has traced IG Farben since its breakup into having its men on the controlling boards of all tha^major pharmaceutical houses. In substance it never broke up, it only grew new heads. 1940 - 1980s German physicist Joachim Hanseler (12/17/1908-11/11/1981) develops Hanseler Ozone G enerator Com pany into a world respected industrial phenomenon. 1940s U.S. Suppression of ozone begins. Drs. Schlessing & Schutte attacked & told to stop calling long chain ozone "Octazone" because "there is no such thing as long chain oxygen." Science now accepts this as basic fact, NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) aircraft commonly sample them in the atmosphere. 1940s German Doctor H ans Wolfe wrote "M edical Ozone." 1940s FDA starts seizing ozone machines, policy continues to this day. 1940s "Polyzone," "Aetheozone," and other ozone machines were marketed in the U.S. 1942 "G ordon Detoxification and Hydro Surgery - Theory and Practice" published book covering medical uses of ozone as colon cleanser. 1943 During the Second World war, Dr. R obert M ayer treated the FBI prisoners of war in the Ellis Island, NY POW camp. Dr. Mayer subsequently learned of medical ozone from one of the German prisoners and has since been applying ozone to patients in the United States for over 45 years. Dr. Mayer is a pediatrician, and has safely and effectively given ozone therapy to over 12 thousand people, most of them children. He pioneered the technique of ozone 7

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