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32 OPINION MONDAY JANUARY 1 2018 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 NT must act on stupid hoons DARWIN is in the grip of an epidemic of lawless young thieves, who pride themselves in stealing other peoples cars, and then engage in reckless behaviour that is putting lives at risk. Not content with breaking into homes, they then use the cars they steal from these homes to engage police in something akin to the video game Grand Theft Auto. Only this is real life and the stakes are high. It is not just the lives of the young criminals being put at risk, it is more importantly the lives of law-abiding road users and police. The driving behaviour of these car thieves is beyond reckless. They are deliberately baiting police to engage them in high-speed police pursuits. Their tactics are highly dangerous and a recipe for tragedy. In several of the chases, the fleeing drivers have not only reached high speeds, but they have run red lights, switched off their lights and crossed to the wrong side of the road. All this is designed to present a middle finger to police. They know police will not pursue them in these dangerous circumstances. In the past four days there have been six police pursuits that have broken off because of the speeds the drivers fleeing police have pushed their vehicles to. The image in the Sunday Territorian of a wrecked white Ford Falcon, which had lost control and ploughed through trees at Millner, was a graphic reminder of how these high-speed chases could end. Any driver deliberately failing to stop when directed by police could face five years imprisonments. The chances of this happening are remote given that most of these drivers are juveniles. It seems no sooner have they appeared before the court than they are back out on our streets. This issue is going to be another test for the Gunner Government in 2018. Public patience is all but gone and the Government is going to be called on to make this problem go away. ... and another thing WHATEVER lies in store for Territorians in 2018, at least one thing will be there to keep Top Enders buoyed, and their stomachs filled with goodness. The return of 24-hour eatery Uncle Sams after a five-week closure means that Darwin folk can now once again eat a meal at whatever time of the night they feel like it. Now thats freedom. Maybe as youre waking into 2018, youve already managed to find that feeling last night. Not that youll remember it. The road to ruin THINGS are going from bad to worse. Here we have another gem the Barneson Blvd. Highlights of the consultation process (what consultation process Dec, Jan, Feb when Darwin is empty....): The proposed new road will be located between the Frog Hollow Park on the northwestern side, and the Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts on the southeastern side of the boulevard. While the corridor for the boulevard will travel between these two important historical sites, the design has been devised to preserve the heritage values of this space as a key priority. Areas of historical significance have been identified as part of planning works and will be preserved. We need to protect Frog Hollow Park and the old Darwin Primary School and to provide pedestrian and cyclist connectivity between these two sites. Design? What design? There is none, it is just run a ridiculous road from Point A to point B, regardless of what it destroys along the way!! Are they honestly for real? Whacking a 60m wide road through the middle of the Frog Hollow Art and Heritage Precinct and over the top of many of the historical remnants is NOT preserving anything! It is destroying it! Penni Tastula, Darwin Lets give a fair go ON November 20 Alan Davies of Howard Springs proudly identifies himself as one of the NIMBYs he reckons I hate. Alan is not sure what a NIMBY is. Back-to-school time all, leave the slate and chalk at home. This will be brief. Firstly I dont hate any individual of any particular opinion, religion, race or culture. Hating other individuals is for the bigoted and ignorant. Having settled that faulty premise lets see what characterises a Darwin NIMBY. Hypocrisy is at the fore with short memory and selfishness close behind. Very many of us, self included, rocked up in a crap car with our few possessions and trade tools in the back, looking for a fair go and a fresh start. We found well-paid work here, and plenty of it, saved money and built a good life. I am grateful for the opportunities Australia and the Territory in particular have given me this last 28 years. This great country owes me nothing, the debt is all mine. Now nearing the end of my working life, the least I can do to give back is by going into bat for todays young working people. They have been ripped off and marginalised by the same neo liberal economic policies that have been such an undeserved bonanza for our Boomer generation. My wife and I have a birds and trees bush block in central Howard Springs, a true pleasure to come home to. We consider ourselves fortunate to have it, notwithstanding the 10 years of hard work and saving that made it happen. A short walk away, in our backyard, a hitherto vacant hay paddock is destined to become a housing development, hopefully a nice one. We are not jealous of any benefit the landholders can derive. If local business and young tradies can make a decent living building this thing, good luck to them. I wish them the same good fortune I have had. The local NIMBYs, by contrast, have enjoyed the hard-earned wages of construction and development, but then one fine day, mortgage paid, kids flown and no longer needing big pay, oppose any development within artillery range. Well, theyre not exactly opposed to development, no one ever is; go do it someplace else, maybe the sandfly-infested swamps of Weddell? Just Not In My Back Yard. Alans parting shot asks what my idea of building the Territory is? Simple answer of concept, not just concrete. We live in the 21st century, not the good old days of EH holdens and Cyclone Tracy, but its still all about making the Territory a land of opportunity, work and reward. It is still about fresh starts and new horizons for the immigrant family that flew into town today, possessions in a few suitcases. Same gig for the young working family driven up from south looking to give it a go, the little they have in the back of a car, the future all ahead of them. That was us once, remember? Mark, Howard Springs Itll drive U batty AUSTRALIAN road rules Reg 40. A driver must not make a U-turn at an intersection with traffic lights unless there is a U-turn permitted sign at the intersection. Despite the above regulation that applies in every Australian jurisdiction except Victoria, where all the weird road rules come from, lawlessness prevails at intersections in Darwin. Ross S Finocchiaro Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au. You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The NT News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor 10 YEARS AGO: Tennis is thriving in the Territory, with a record number of registered players in 2007 and NT players winning tournaments interstate and internationally. Tennis is a sport for all ages and all abilities, that can be enjoyed socially and competitively. 20 YEARS AGO: Dust control in remote Territory communities is among environmental projects worth $5 million that were announced yesterday. Territory CLP senator Grant Tambling detailed 128 NT projects that will benefit from the Federal Governments Natural Heritage Trust. 25 YEARS AGO: Northern Territory representative Suzanne Fairhurst is one of the favourites to take the title of Australias fastest softball pitcher at a fast-pitch competition in Hobart. Join our Let's Make the Territory Greater campaign and email your ideas to news@ntnews.com.au and put "Let's Make the Territory Greater" in the subject line. We'll take your ideas to councils as well as the Territory and federal governments. The NT News wants to hear your ideas to make the Territory GREATERLets make the territory Email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au I Text: 0428 NTNEWS I Fax: 08 8981 6045 I Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 Your Sa lllllllllllll'tvoURVOICE IN THE TERRITORY 111111111111111 111 EDITORIAL NT'+News o On this day IN THE TERRITORY CONNECT WITH US ~ www.ntnews.com.au -(;) @TheNTNews Facebook.com/TheNTNews 11 111 111111 1111 111 1111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 11111111111111111111 1111 111111111111111111111 11 111 1111111111111111 111 1111 111 1111 111 11111 111 111 111111 11 11 ~ ~Letters 5~1\1~\-f ... HG COUll> SEt~ CAe,INET ... ----0

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