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Chandler Salt Mine Project



Chandler Salt Mine Project

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Chandler Facility Statement of Intent; Chandler Facility Statement of Reasons; Chandler Facility Draft Environmental Impact Statement; Chandler Facility Supplement to Draft EIS; NTEPA Assessment Report


Coffey Environments; Low Ecological Services; Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority; Northstar Air Quality; Quintessa Limited; K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies; Douglas Partners Pty Ltd; EMM Consulting Pty Limited; Beca Corporate Holdings Limited; R. Gregory and Associates; Ninti One; Acil Allen Consulting; Michels Warren Munday


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Maryvale Station; Henbury Station


Tellus Holdings Ltd proposes to develop and operate the Chandler Facility Project (salt mine and waste storage facilities) within the Maryvale and Henbury Station Pastoral Leases, approximately 120 km south of Alice Springs and 15 km from the Titjikala community in the Northern Territory.


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).

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Statement of Intent -- Clause 14A variation Notice of Intent -- Clause 14A variation Statement of Reasons -- Statement of Reasons -- Copies of submissions -- Draft Environment Impact Statement and Appendices -- Supplement report to the Draft EIS.



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Tellus Holdings Ltd.; Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


12 Volumes : colour illustrations, colour maps ; 30 cm.

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Tellus Holdings Ltd.



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16.1004.FR1B.V1_a PART B: CHANDLER FACILITY APPENDIX B-5 Pollutant (i) Predicted 1-Hour Ground Level Concentration (PC) (mgm-3) 23 24 25 26 27 28(a) 29 Criterion Maximum Max/Crit 2,4-Dinitrotoluene 2.1E-13 2.0E-15 5.5E-15 1.7E-14 2.5E-14 2.4E-12 1.5E-14 2.7E-02 1.7E-12 0.0000% Ethylbenzene 1.9E-06 1.8E-08 4.8E-08 1.5E-07 2.2E-07 2.1E-05 1.3E-07 8.0E+00 1.5E-05 0.0002% Formaldehyde(b) 3.6E-04 3.4E-06 9.2E-06 2.8E-05 4.2E-05 4.0E-03 2.4E-05 2.0E-02 2.9E-03 14.6% Methyl ethyl ketone 8.0E-05 7.6E-07 2.1E-06 6.3E-06 9.3E-06 8.9E-04 5.5E-06 2.9E+01 6.5E-04 0.0022% Nitrobenzene 3.7E-09 3.5E-11 9.5E-11 2.9E-10 4.3E-10 4.1E-08 2.5E-10 2.9E-01 3.0E-08 0.0000% Phenols (total) 2.8E-08 2.7E-10 7.3E-10 2.2E-09 3.3E-09 3.2E-07 1.9E-09 1.3E-01 2.3E-07 0.0002% Styrene 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 0.0E+00 1.3E+01 0.0E+00 0.0000% 1,1,1,2-Tetrachloroethane 1.2E-06 1.2E-08 3.2E-08 9.7E-08 1.4E-07 1.4E-05 8.4E-08 2.0E+01 1.0E-05 0.0000% 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 7.7E-08 7.3E-10 2.0E-09 6.0E-09 8.9E-09 8.6E-07 5.3E-09 2.0E+01 6.2E-07 0.0000% Toluene 1.3E-05 1.2E-07 3.3E-07 1.0E-06 1.5E-06 1.4E-04 8.8E-07 2.2E+01 1.0E-04 0.0005% 1,1,1-Trichloroethane 3.0E-05 2.9E-07 7.9E-07 2.4E-06 3.5E-06 3.4E-04 2.1E-06 1.3E+01 2.5E-04 0.0020% 1,1,2-Trichloroethane 1.2E-06 1.2E-08 3.1E-08 9.6E-08 1.4E-07 1.4E-05 8.3E-08 1.0E+00 9.9E-06 0.0010% Vinyl chloride 3.4E-07 3.3E-09 8.8E-09 2.7E-08 4.0E-08 3.8E-06 2.3E-08 2.4E-02 2.8E-06 0.0116% Xylenes (total) 2.6E-06 2.5E-08 6.7E-08 2.0E-07 3.0E-07 2.9E-05 1.8E-07 2.1E+01 2.1E-05 0.0001% Note: (a) For the purposes of determining the pollutant concentration in the emission from the accidental loss of containment from a TEU containing sludge / liquid wastes that represents the greatest magnitude (as a proportion of the relevant criterion), Receptor 28 (Chandler Facility) has been excluded. (b) The maximum Formaldehyde concentration represents 14.6% of the relevant criterion, and has been selected as the indicator pollutant from this emission source.

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