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Select Committee on Euthanasia Submission No.976 Remie G



Select Committee on Euthanasia Submission No.976 Remie G

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Tabled Paper 1486


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Father G. Remie S.D.B., P.P. P.O. Box 6, Palmerston N.T. 0831 Phone (089) 32 3922 Fax (089) 32 4384 "QodtitoQood!" JOY Where does Mother Theresa get her smile, I often asked my youngsters and the answer they knew I wanted to hear was always From Giving Herself. Again I seem to be totally at odds with the honourable intentions of the proposed Bill and its author, who claim to wish to lessen pain and wipe out suffering. Euthanasia seems an easy way out for the patient and the family and the rest of society. Educationally I must again disagree. When there is severe and genuine pain we must teach our young people that wiping it out is not the solution; but instead that we ought to reach out and put our shoulders under the burden of others. The proposed Bill seems to ignore that possibility and will deprive our young people of the desire and the ability to give REAL JOY. Not the flimsy solution of the quick fix, like a drug addict often seeks and finds; butSeal McCoy of a pain shared and a burden carried together. This real JOY of helping ~Z does also flow into the patient who is helped. People who ask for euthanasia are often lonely and have not tasted the JOY of giving in the people who surround them. This joy and service is something that needs to grow over years and be really part and parcel of the way we educate our young people. The proposed Bill will cut off many possibilities in this field. I know you are receiving many other submissions and I have tried to highlight some of the genuine concerns I have with the proposed Bill from the point of view of a Christian educator of many years. I hope my contribution will be of help in your deliberations. May God bless your very important work. F a th e r G erry R em ie SD B P P Youth Centre conducted by Salesians o f Saint John Bosco Donations to "Sacred Heart School Bu ild ing Fund" are Tax deductable