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SCUAAC Briefing 9 February 1994 Alderman Gibbie Maynard representing the Katherine Town Council



SCUAAC Briefing 9 February 1994 Alderman Gibbie Maynard representing the Katherine Town Council

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ALCOHOL ABUSE COMMITTEE - Wednesday 9 February 1994 KATHERINE MEETING Mr POOLE: Do you think that serving drunks is quite common. Ms MAYNARD: Yes, I think so. There was an incident on the weekend where somebody left the disco and drove down Warburton Street and ran straight into the gate at the Open College in the early hours of the morning. He did not have a clue where he was going. There are a lot of problems with people brawling outside the discos. There are a lot of young people who do not even go to discos because they are scared of being attacked because there are a lot of drunks around. It is not really a decent place to go to any more. We do not really have much entertainment for young people in the town and that is another problem. There was a bit of discussion earlier about hotels and the late opening. You said that there has not been any data collected on that. From my observation, it appears that many people do go to the pub at 10 o'clock. It is well advertised on the radio that the pubs open at 10. The drive-in liquor outlet next door is not open until 12. What happens is that the people go into the pub and drink until 12 o'clock when they go to the take-away and buy their cartons and flagons. They then go off into the bush and they are probably half-stoned by 12 anyway. Why does a pub have to be open at 10 o'clock? It is only the people who are unemployed really who would use it. Most people who work would not go to the pub. Is there any possibility ... Mr POOLE: You believe that thought should be given to dropping back the opening hours until 12 o'clock? Ms MAYNARD: Yes. I believe that it is really only picking up the people who have a problem anyway. Mr ORTMANN: The opening hours that you are really talking about are not just take-away hours, but general hours for the opening of bars. Ms MAYNARD: Yes. The take-away opens at 12 o'clock, but the pub opens at 10 o'clock. Mr ORTMANN: They have not brought it forward to 10 o'clock? Ms MAYNARD: Not as far as I am aware. Mr POOLE: I think you will find that they have. Ms MAYNARD: Have they? Mr POOLE: They have that option. In Katherine and Darwin, they can bring the opening hour back to the former time of 10 am. 2