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Annual Report 1995/1996 Northern Territory Housing Commission



Annual Report 1995/1996 Northern Territory Housing Commission

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The A uthority met four tim es during 1995/96. A Strategic Plan for 1995/96 was developed by A uthority m em bers and ratified by all parties to the Agreem ent. The A uthority is now developing a five-year S trategic Plan. C o m m u n i t y H o u s i n g A new Com munity Housing M anagement Development Program was established in July 1995 - follow ing the successful com pletion o f the Pilot Project for Com m unity H ousing M anagem ent - w ith a perm anent coordinator starting in February, 1996. The Program is aimed at providing com m unity managers with the knowledge and skills to effectively m anage housing stock. A curriculum, developed for training com m unity housing officers, has been the first o f its kind to be accredited nationally and is now attracting w ide interest. A number of new com m unities are currently involved in negotiations to jo in the Program. U nder the com m unity housing com ponent o f the Program , 98 new houses w ere constructed and 68 m ajor upgrades com pleted. M inor renovations were carried out on 160 dwellings, focusing on health hardw are - mainly in the wet areas - and electrical wiring. U nder the land servicing com ponent, 180 lots w ere serviced in 18 communities. U r b a n H o u s i n g A d iscussion paper on urban housing fo r A borig ines w as com pleted and circulated. This paper, when agreed, will form a fram ework for the development o f housing options for A borigines w ishing to live in urban areas. G E N E R A L The P rogram funds advisory and referra l se rv ices in D arw in/Palm erston, Katherine and A lice Springs. The services, w hich are m anaged by A boriginal organisations independent o f the H ousing Com m ission and the Departm ent o f Housing and Local Governm ent, provide A borig inal people w ith advice and assistance on housing issues. The aim o f the services is to assist A boriginal people to access appropriate housing and, w here necessary, to adjust to an urban lifestyle.